Lorraine Boyce

Lorraine Boyce - The Big Taboo... Let's Talk About That! Breaking down the barriers of talking about pelvic health issues online, all the things that so many women have issues with but that we never talk about like painful sex, leaking bladders, chronic constipation and improving awareness of what treatment services are available.

Louise McDonnell

Louise McDonnell - Tap into the power of Facebook and Instagram Ads to build brand awareness and drive sales. The Facebook Ads Platform is possibly the most powerful tool available to brands today.  Businesses can target customers and potential customers using demographics, psychographics and through the way they interact with them online.

Patricia Greene

Patricia Greene - Get More Leads and Profit from your Website. Patricia Greene of Nolka Web & Digital Marketing has a very clear understanding of the struggles which female entrepreneurs face daily. She has created 'The Web Club' to provide advice, support and encouragement for women struggling to get enquiries, sales or leads from their website and her work with them has proven to bring a transformation in their business.

Anne Touhy

Believe in yourself, and ditch the self-doubt for good. Award winning Interior Designer Anne Tuohy absolutely believes in the positive benefits of living in a home that is professionally designed, which is as functional as it is beautiful. Anne's other passion is teaching, and she travels countrywide, bringing her hugely popular Sharing the Secrets Masterclass to homeowners everywhere.

Mags Boland Murphy

Valuing your time - How to get the right price for your business service. Mags works with businesses who may be struggling with marketing, and panicking about profit and works to help them plan smart, package effectively and promote simply so that they connect with more of their ideal clients and sustain consistent cashflow. Mags has a record of success with award winning clients who continue to succeed.

Sharon Thompson

How to get your book published

Author of number one bestseller, The Abandoned, Sharon Thompson is the founder of the successful Indulgeinwriting.com. A guide and mentor, Sharon has seen members of this indulgeinwriting.com group progress to agent representation and publication, and organises regular talks from industry professionals and experts for those members.

Moira Dunne (BA MOD, M.SC, PMP)

How to Take Control of Your Time & Get More Done. In today's hectic world being productive is about making good decisions, managing your attention and using technology smartly. Learn how to Make a plan to achieve your GOALS; GET the day-to-day STUFF DONE too!; Expect CHANGE and DEAL with it; Stay FOCUSED and CALM

Moira Ní Ghallachóir

How to Enrol More clients, And Make Way More Money - Even if You Hate Sales. Moira first built a travel business that served 1000 travellers from all over the world and then built her coaching business from debt to half a million Euros in annual revenue in less than three years. (All from her home office!). Attendees will be able to start seeing sales as something they can do to inspire people.

Dermot Devlin

How social media helped me overcome challenges and highlight issues. Dermot runs My Way Access, a website that provides a voice for people with disabilities in Ireland on accessibility and social issues. He contributes his work to the power of social media, as not only does it provide him with a voice to run the many campaigns, but can also be a tool for many people with disabilities to feel less isolated.

Zach Gallagher

The use of Social Media to your Food & Tourism Business. Zack will discuss the challenges faced by small businesses in getting Google and other search engines to find and return your product in search returns, through the use of social media and better imaging information on your website. Zacks' Irish Food Guide Blog shares information to over 2 million readers.

Michelle McLoughlin

Getting comfortable with accountability - a different perspective. Michelle McLoughlin is a businessperson, adventurer and a business solicitor, trade mark agent and tax consultant who takes care of the legal matters while you run your business. Most recently Michelle has launched Business SOS to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

Marian McKenna

Top Stylist and Businesswoman Marian McKenna of La Creme Boutique will give a Styling Masterclass. Marian is a renowned natural talent for dressing people with varying body shapes. No matter what your size or shape she can make any woman feel beautiful with her styling expertise. She will have a range of styles from La Creme with her on the day so you can pick up something beautiful on the day.

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