Anna Daly

Anna Daly

Anna will be our MC on the day.

Aoife Keady

What's Where, Connecting Communities

Aoife Keady has shown entrepreneurial traits from a young age. She often says if she got a Euro for every time someone said 'I would've gone if I'd known it was on' about an event in her community she'd be a millionaire. That's how her recent venture 'What's Where' was born.

Margaret Molloy

We are delighted to have Margaret Molloy coming all the way from New York for a fireside chat. Margaret is the New York-based, global chief marketing officer at the renowned branding firm Siegel+Gale. A native of Ireland and a Harvard Business School graduate, she is regarded as one of the most influential global marketing leaders and consistently appears on top CMO lists, including Forbes’ top CMOs on Twitter. A strategic marketer, she is a sought-after speaker and has published articles in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fast Company and beyond.

Margaret created #WearingIrish in March 2016 as a passion project to showcase Irish fashion designers. Acclaimed by the iconic Women’s Wear Daily, WearingIrish is now a movement online and offline with an event program which hosted 10 winning Irish designers in New York City in May 2018. Margaret is the curator of the program.

Melanie Boylan

STOMP Social Media Training

Melanie Boylan has been providing social media training and management to her clients in Ireland for the last 6 years. She has also been recognised by her peers for her solid work ethic and relationship building by winning the Best Business to Business Awards for the last two years in a row by the Micro Business Awards.

Barbara Edwards

Mind Your Menopause - The Coaching Effect

Barbara Edwards of Be Coached is based in Donegal. She is a Trainer, Leadership & Public Speaking Coach. Her background is steeped in music where she taught, directed choirs and delivered music workshops to groups of all ages and abilities.

Dave Pepper

What Brands Need to Succeed on Twitter

Dave is a Senior Marketing Manager at Twitter. Having held a number of marketing and operations leadership roles across a number of industries, he has gained expertise in marketing strategy, planning, digital and social media marketing and communications.

Pauline Rohdich

What You Want, Wants You ... Listening to Your Inner Voice

Recently, Pauline has trained as a Happy For No Reason Trainer, teaching the principles of becoming happy from the inside out. Pauline's committed to continual learning & self-improvement & is passionate about sharing her knowledge in a fun, inspirational, interactive way.

Geraldine Walsh

On Confidence (A State Of Mind)

Geraldine Walsh is a former Medical Librarian turned journalist. With 12 years experience under her belt, and two children at home, she decided to walk away from librarianship and fulfill a lifelong ambition while also taking the opportunity to work from home. She is a freelance journalist and writer contributing to the Irish Times, Irish Examiner, various magazines and websites in parenting, lifestyle and mental health. She writes an Award Winning Blog, "Over Heaven's Hill", sharing her journey of becoming Momma Bear and finding her way out of postnatal anxiety. She writes a column for Easy Parenting magazine called "Parenting Truths". She contributes to radio, podcasts, and has proudly sat on the IrelandAM couch. She is a self-professed introvert and is older than she looks.

Susi Lodola

The one tool you need to look after your mental wellbeing

Susi Lodola’s extensive studies in psychology, psychotherapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) allow her to help her clients develop skills to explore and understand their emotional and mental wellbeing which will provide them with tools to overcome challenges and find direction in life.

Tracy Cullen

5 Steps to Financial Freedom

Tracy spent much of her career as a Wealth Manager with a large corporate before turning to her real passion, coaching people on their path to Financial Freedom. Healthy financial habits and behaviours are key to get you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future – so you can live the life you want.

Lynne and Martina

Pepper Hustle, Hustle Yourself Happy!

Pepper Hustle was created to help empower busy women to take back control of their energy, their productivity and their happiness.

At Pepper Hustle we thrive on a strong sense of community and support.Belong, Support, Advocate, Develop and Succeed when you become part of the Pepper Hustle Community.

Kirsten de Bouter

The survival of the most adaptable

Kirsten is an experienced motivational speaker, life change expert and no-nonsense mentor with a background in psychology and corporate coaching. A highly skilled communicator, Kirsten inspires people to do life differently and action their authentic path towards success in life and business. There is no set way of going about things; tap into your talents and create your momentum. Kirsten is the author of the forthcoming book “The every-year itch”.

Sarah Dineen

Sold out Success Secrets

She helps entrepreneur and small business owners to sell out their own brilliant live events. When they work with her she shows them her “Sold Out Event Success Formula” that has been packing out her own events (1500 tickets sold online), so they fill their events quickly, repeatedly, without the stress and panic.

Dewi Eirig Jones

Dewi Eirig Jones is a social media specialist and instructor from Conwy, Wales. He supports and guides businesses and organisations of all sizes and individuals to get the very best out of the new digital world of social media.

Before starting in social media, Dewi worked for several years as a forklift truck instructor. After a successful career training people from businesses of all sizes, in 2012 Dewi made the switch to social media training.

Away from social media, Dewi enjoys looking after the family smallholding and being part of the Carneddau Pony Society.

You can reach Dewi on all the social media platforms through the username @DewiEirig

Anne Marie Ferris

Anne Marie Ferris - The Ferris Wheel

Anne Marie is a Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy™, Thought Field Therapy and Hypnosis. The FerrisWheel Learning4Life© Programme is her innovative contribution to the world of education. Anne Marie walks the talk - having personally overcome many serious challenges in life, including a cancer diagnosis. She is also a teacher and trainer of Yoga, Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology, and has a blend of talents which brings out the best in an individual. Anne Marie’s radiance touches everyone she meets, she changes lives, every day!

Louise Platt

Louise Platt - Release Your Relational Self, Increase Your Power

Louise is a qualified coach and career counsellor based in lovely Limerick. A graduate of UL & DCU, mother to three, wife and dog owner! She works from a relational perspective meaning she values connections between people and things! She looks at Career and Leadership with a wide angle lens, using the Analytic-Network (TM) framework. The framework is a powerful, holistic tool that has both short and long term benefits for clients in analysing their life and career roles, purpose and desires.

Suzanna Crampton

Suzanna is a blanket-designing shepherd who lives and works on a small farm in the River Nore Valley in South County Kilkenny, Ireland.

She shears fleeces that are spun locally into yarn. They are woven to make three sizes of blankets.She also sells lambs for breeding and meat. The Zwartbles wool blankets are sold via her farm and website and shipped internationally. Social media has been her sole means of marketing and to spread news about what, where, why and how she raises sheep and produces blankets from their wool on her environmentally sustainable farm.