Dolores Andrew-Gavin

Own Your Story - Your Life Your Way  

Founder of IrishHealthHour, international health & wellness community. Author, Assertiveness Coach, Energy Therapist. Helping people find & own their story by focusing on themselves.

List of speakers.
List of speakers
Louise Lally

Accredited Business Coach. Founder of Louise Lally Training Academy. Leadership mentoring. Coaching. Group workshops.

Andrea Manning

Building CyberPie to make cybersecurity accessible to the micro-business. Security Leader of the Year 2021

Fiona Walsh

Visual communication specialist. Helping businesses present better. Microsoft Certified Trainer. International speaker. As featured in Forbes.

Jen Hogan

Journalist, columnist at Irish Times, Author, Broadcaster, Mum to 7

Rachel Gotto

The Intervention Hypnotherapist. Solving your personal crisis with transforming hypnotherapy, mind coaching and solution focused mentoring. Bestselling author.

Indiana Gregg

Indiana (Indy) Gregg is the founder of Wedo, a SaaSy neobank that gives freelancers and SMEs conferencing and, payments and invoicing tools along with banking. She is a 5x founder and creative visionary grounded in tech.

List of speakers.
List of speakers