Louise Lally

Accredited Business Coach. Founder of Louise Lally Training Academy. Leadership mentoring. Coaching. Group workshops.

Rachel Gotto

The Intervention Hypnotherapist. Solving your personal crisis with transforming hypnotherapy, mind coaching and solution focused mentoring. Bestselling author.

Andrea Manning

Building CyberPie to make cybersecurity accessible to the micro-business. Security Leader of the Year 2021

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Circle Leaders
Denise McGarry
Amanda Grace
Ashleigh Watson
Anita Wong
Emma O’Toole
Colette O’Sullivan
Dun Laoghaire
Mairead Molloy
Trudy Mhic An Earla
Áine Mc Manamon
Samantha Kelly
Iris Kav
Louise Lally
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Nathalie Gregg
North Carolina
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Women's Inspire Business Networking Events

People buy from people, so it's important to take your networking offline. We have regular business networking events throughout the year, with a large conference each October. Sign up so you don't miss out hearing about these events.

This section is also for you. If you are a member and you have an event, we will help you promote it. As a paying member you automatically get €20 off tickets for in-person events that we organise.

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Events & Business Training
Women's Inspire
Network National

Due to the huge success of the Women’s Inspire Network events and business training workshops, we've decided to do two business networking events per year! There is so much talent around the country and we have so many members that due to popular demand we have listened to your requests and you may have an event in your wonderful county! There is networking, speakers and workshops on the day with lunch included!

Speakers are varied at each networking event and we have our Business Training Workshops but of course we also have the usual mix of talented inspiring ladies to tell us about their journeys and give us plenty of tips along the way. Plus, members get €20 discount on the in-person National Event ticket costs.

We also have a weekly virtual coffee morning for all members to connect and be accountable to each other, as well as a monthly webinar for members to learn more about various pre-approved topics. So join today and take advantage of all the knowledge in the group.

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WIN membership will get you exclusive benefits and connect you to a local and international business network that is social media savvy and build real relationships based on mutual support and you never know, you might build some real friendships also (this tends to happen a lot!).
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