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Denise McGarry

Denise is a Money Mindset Coach for women entrepreneurs
She helps women entrepreneurs confidently price, package and market their expertise to make more money and work less.

Ger Lally

Gerardine Lally of Lally & Associates has have over 30 years of communications and executive coaching and mentoring. She has trained high performing teams and individuals within  diverse companies and industry sectors in all aspects of communications ,team strengths leadership and resilience.

Emma O'Toole

From working in Technology to teaching, Yoga is a contrasting career change to most, but it made perfect sense in the current climate. When the world closed down, I used my 23 years of technology experience to transition my Yoga Business from Offline to online successfully.

Joselin Mane

Computer engineer turned marketer, has attended and/or hosted about 10 TwitterSpaces audio spaces per day since discovering TwitterSpaces and meeting Samantha Kelly. He is very familiar with the development team, technology, features and best practices of TwitterSpaces and he also a deep understanding of various other social audio apps.

Indiana Gregg

Indiana (Indy) Gregg is the founder of Wedo, a SaaSy neobank that gives freelancers and SMEs conferencing and, payments and invoicing tools along with banking. She is a 5x founder and creative visionary grounded in tech.

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