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Creating new leaders by walking the walk.

Our 8th annual conference is all about leadership in Business. Our speakers are already leaders in their field of expertise. They will share their stories of how they became leaders and how to deal with common challenges as a business owner. You are already doing amazing things by running a business. We won't know about you unless you show us - Let's show the world that women are leading the way by showing great leadership. What are the secrets? Who do we get help from? Leaders need help sometimes too! Let's share our knowledge and assist each other, make some new connections and build some strong relationships.

Meet our WINGLOBAL speakers
Louise Tyrrell

With a passion for health education, she inspires people to uncover their own source of wellbeing – often leading to great transformation in their lives. Louise has appeared on local radio, as a guest speaker at many events & the business was featured on RTE television. Louise works as a Health & Wellbeing Consultant.

Peter Finnegan

Peter Finnegan is an innovator and a leader of change. He believes that change is the only constant in life and that businesses and individuals need to manage change . Leadership is the key to making change work for you and your business. Reflecting on his own life journey Peter will explore and share the lessons he learnt about leadership.

Esther Ocampo

Esther uses her digital marketing skills to help businesses, individuals and organisations position themselves better online, through dedicated social media and email marketing strategies. Her clients range from solopreneurs just starting out, to well-established businesses that have been running for over 50 years.

Sonya Murphy-Lyons

Sonya runs the Mezzo Music Academy in Terenue, Dublin, a family run music academy providing a stimulating and calm environment for individual and group tuition in all instruments for all ages and abilities.

Maria and Emmet Rushe

Your Body, Your Business.

Maria and Emmet will discuss body positivity, healthy mindset and lifestyle for business people and how your body IS your business.

Maria and Emmet Rushe are a husband and wife team from Donegal. Together they run Rushe Fitness, Letterkenny’s leading fitness community.

Leanne Isaacson
Proudly supported by:
Organisation Dynamics
Rushe Fitness

Rushe Fitness has been in operation for 9 years and his award winning, state of the art facility Rushe Fitness Letterkenny has been open and expanding for the last 5.

Mary MacRory
Louise Tyrrell
Kim Adele Executive Coach
Mezzo Music Academy

Mezzo Music Academy, established in September 2011, provides a stimulating & calm environment for individual and group tuition in all instruments for all ages.

Orla Kelly Publishing
Douglas Law

We're a dynamic law firm providing focused & goal orientated advice to individual & commercial clients at significant stages of their personal & business lives.

Janssen Photography
Ireland Canada Business Association
Irish Chamber of Commerce Singapore
The Irish Business Organization of New York Inc.
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