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Alana Kirk
The Story
My business is called Making Words Work. I write for a living as a campaign creative, developing communications and copy for businesses and non-profits, as well as writing as a freelance journalist and an author. I wanted a title that 'does what it says on the tin'. And I love word play so this fitted perfectly - they have to work well to get the message across, but they also have to work and be successful in persuading, encouraging, motivating or empowering.
Best advice given
Keep aspiring.
Business day
Make a list, check it twice.
Mind yourself...
I am very mindful now of seeing where periods can threaten to overwhelm so I have a planning journal that begins every day with positive goals and ends each day with listing your wins.
The best skill to success is the ability to adapt.
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
Launching my book.
Funniest moment
I once turned down dinner with James Bond. (long story).
Be fearless.
A younger you?
Many of my female bosses, Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin who has boundless energy, many of my friends who at mid-life decided to focus on stuff they really wanted and changed their lives.
anthem for business
We Will Rock You. No explanation needed
"why" For business
Living a creative life
other jobs
Deputy Director of UNICEF Ireland, Director of Fundraising & Communications at Barnardos.
To live creatively and to change women's view of their potential.
I have writing skills and a long history of practical experience in the field - most copywriters don't ave that. As a writer, I've lived a lot of difficult experiences that makes it easier for people to relate to me as I tell their stories.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
Writing a book on redefining middle age, and training as a personal coach to become a 'Mid-Life Coach' to help women adapt, embrace and thrive through this time of great change.
get into your industry
Write every day, anything for anyone; never stop perfecting your skill, and love what you do. Telling people's stories is a privilege; respect it.
People can find you
Anything with Ethan Hawke in it, but currently Maudie,.
song to tell your story
My story is ever changing and evolving and nowhere near over, so for now, my anthem would be Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
interesting facts
I have 26 bottles of different Gin I have a lot of pets and one day would love to have a pet rescue in my back garden ;-) I once walked through a rain forest in Borneo for 3 days to release a rehabilitated orangutan back into the wild.
1,000 euros!
Paying off my visa! (or wading through a book shop, then dipping into the Charlottte Tilsbury stand, and then buying presents for my girls.)
unaccompanied concert
Chris de Burgh!!!!!