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Angela Cain-Weadick
The Story
Sapphire Weddings & Events was named after my own birthstone and also a feature colour in my own wedding in 2010. A vibrant colour that always seems to be on trend and stands out. I wanted the name to say exactly what it does, and was appealing to both genders in the wedding market. The Wedding P.A is also a stand-alone service, offering exclusive services to couples on their wedding day (not to be confused with a venue co-ordinator, they work for the venue, not the couple). I am there personally for them, making sure they don’t worry about anything - from keeping their speech cards and make-up to hand, to helping with attire, making sure everyone has their flowers, sticks to their personal schedule that I created for them and ensuring vendors are paid on the day and much more. They are A GUEST AT THEIR OWN WEDDING.
Best advice given
Believe in yourself, your product and your passion. Help others, and always be professional no matter what, you never know when that someone will turn into a client or customer one day.
Business day
Write down all your targets for the day - keep focussed on those all important jobs. I even have a 'to do' list on paper (I can be old fashioned that way!) and easy to glance at. Tick off things that get done - and don't forget to follow up on any actions/reminders.
Mind yourself...
Attend gym HIIT classes regularly to keep up my energy levels and watch what I eat to properly function and keep myself healthy - also quality sleep is very important!
Sometimes staying silent can be the biggest statement you can make.
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
Raising money for sick children's charities via my own Bridal & Pink Tie Charity Ball back in 2015, 2017 and next one planned for 2019.
Funniest moment
Thinking I could never get into Twitter or Instagram for business - how wrong I was there!
Don't over analyse everything, go with your gut instinct and do what feels right for you. Don't be afraid to say 'no'.
A younger you?
Sean Gallagher - such an inspirational man and an excellent speaker. Samantha Kelly (The Tweeting Goddess) - best thing I did was joining WIN - its brilliant!
anthem for business
One Kiss by Calvin Harris. The kiss represents sealing your new marriage when the celebrant says "congratulations - you may kiss"...
"why" For business
A strong passion organising and a love for all things weddings! Could talk weddings all day and not get bored. The teeniest tiniest details I love, and thoroughly enjoy planning for others. It gives me great satisfaction personally and professionally to see things from conception to the end.
other jobs
Been a P.A for a number of years in different industries up to CEO level. Cabin Crew for a small airline (summer season in 1997). Police Officer (voluntary) in 2 forces (Isle of Man and UK) and yes I did have the powers to arrest! Weight Watchers Class Leader.
To be the best I can always in my professional and personal life.
I am a qualified Wedding & Event Planner (not common in the Irish market). Clients always deal with me online or face-to-face, no risk of communication problems via another person. I have many years of planning and organising as a PA which gives me vast experience dealing with many different daily scenarios. Used to having a Plan B - always being one step ahead of clients needs and expectations.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
Aoibheann's Pink Tie (a children's cancer charity) - a friend of mine asked me to fundraise for them and I have actively supported for them ever since.
get into your industry
Study for a relevant course/Diploma, get to know trends, keep up to date with bridal fashion, whats hot (and not!) and be active on social media. Get your name out there and be passionate and knowledgeable.
People can find you

Online or Twitter: @weddingPAAngela

Devil Wears Prada
song to tell your story
I'll come back to that one...
interesting facts

I am Manx (born on the Isle of Man). I am an only child. I love shoes and handbags - have quite a few! I like things to be neat and tidy!

1,000 euros!
The next new smartphone, a luxury facial and dinner out with other half.
unaccompanied concert
Robbie Williams