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Carmel Seery
The Story

I have two new companies

1 Accountancy & Beyond deals with New Start-ups and guiding people through setting up their own businesses from an accounting point of view.

The 2nd one is Carrie on Life (my passion) – which is currently a blog aimed at women between the ages of 40 – 60.  It is a lifestyle blog which I want to turn into a discussion site with workshops set up around the country. 

Best advice given

My background is in Finance and I am finding marketing both interesting and challenging.  ‘Call to action’ which is quite basic is the biggest eye opener for me.       

Business day

Have one thing on your ‘to do’ list that you must complete in your day and ensure you do it.  Then if your day runs away from you, at least you will still be moving in the right direction.

Mind yourself...

I tell myself that it is ok to switch off – and I meditate.

If it won’t matter in 5 years then it doesn’t matter.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

I am only starting out so, so far, getting my websites up.

Funniest moment

Again, I am only starting out.  So far – thinking I would have 1000 followers in 3 months! (or is that just naive)

Do it, Do it, Do it. Its hard work but not as elitist as you think.     

A younger you?
A sense of knowing who they are, not being afraid to say the unpopular things and a strong moral compass. (Mary Robinson, Joanna Lumley, Jane Fonda)
anthem for business

Free – Soup Dragons.  I love the sense of ‘being free to do what you want……..’

"why" For business

I want work to be my passion. I want to be able to meet people and talk to them and immerse myself in what I do.

other jobs

Finance Manager (still am!)


I want to fight the ageism that society has about people, particularly women, getting older.  However, I believe this starts with us (me).  There is a synergy between my two companies which is Women In Business and I want women to believe in their dream – to talk about them and work towards them.

For Carrie on Life – it is my market.  There are very few websites dedicated to ‘middle-aged’ women (none in Ireland).  Those that do, focus on fashion.

For Accountancy & Beyond – an understanding of how to explain accounting to people to help them pass exams or set up their own systems in a new venture.  People friendly.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

Equality and am a keen member of Amnesty International

get into your industry

Ask me in a few years, although, I think it would be to understand how it works which is what I am learning about.

People can find you

I have all the ususal Email Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest for both ‘Carrie on Life’ & ‘Accountancy & Beyond’ you can find it all on my websites.

or by phone: 087 6772941

I don’t have either, but I prefer dogs.
I don’t really have one favourite - I’m a ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ hopeless romantic type – I enjoy all the ‘Chic flicks’
song to tell your story
This is a hard one…Reach for the Stars (S Club 7).
interesting facts

I went shark diving in South Africa

I have two children, the eldest is my step-daughter from Africa

I saw Ayrton Senna in his last UK Grand Prix (1993)

1,000 euros! many things.  AdWords’/ Content Copy/ Video Equipment for Webinars – to name a few.

unaccompanied concert

Bob Dylan Slane Castle 1984