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Deirdre ní Dhubhghaill
The Story
2D Graphic Design. In college as fledgling Designers we were entered in the competition 'Outstanding in your own field' run by the Paper Company 'Wiggins Teape'. We were asked to create our logo & identity. I had Shakespearean aspirations and 2 prominent D's in my own name. I choose 2D or not 2D. I work in 2 Dimensions (flat surfaces) & 3 Dimensions eg. paper engineering, origami etc.. Four years later the message don't use a negative reference in your business name touched home and I became 2D TypoGraphic Design. Typography is the study & use of letter forms in the world around us. Designing & Developing Typeface & beyond. The typo element caused some confusion & my business became 2D Graphic Design
Best advice given
During a Business Development Course with the Crafts Council during an accounts module, specifically sales techniques. Marion Mc Donald told us 'Smile before you Dial' to improve our delivery over the phone. It also works well in an abundance of other situations such as pre presentation etc.
Business day
Do the difficult task first. Though sometimes it's good
Mind yourself...
• Drink lots of Water • Take a brisk walk every day • Do regular stretching throughout the day.
Be your self • To thine own self be true, & it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man (one). William Shakespeare
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
Every time I See a logo or identity I've designed & I know the business using it understands they own an identity that tells their business story & aspirations with their customers
Funniest moment
Being mistaken for a typist, Secretarial or Remote office management service. People assumed that was the meaning of Typo when they read the Yellow Pages listing.
Promote, Meet People, Promote, be polite, Be truthful, Promote your Business, Treat others as you wish to be treated. Promote. More one to one meets.
A younger you?
Eric Gill, Eileen Gray, Paul Rand, Don Bluth, Enya, Joanne Hession etc.
anthem for business
There are too many songs to chose from
"why" For business
I wished to use my creative skills to help people share their passion with their customers. Through good Design. Design appropriate to my customers needs, the message they wished to convey. Design that is as unique to their business as they are.
other jobs
Shellfish packer BeachGuard Car Electronix Loom builder Cycle Postperson
One of the best things as a Graphic Designer is that I’m lucky to meet people who are passionate about what they do, their business and where it’s going. They teach me about their business, where they found their passion & their aspirations for their enterprise. Then I get to help them share their passion with their customers and others. With my artistic experience I create aesthetically pleasing, functional, unique promotional pieces specifically for my customer to sell their products, events & services to their customers.
My Design solutions are directed by the requirementS & passion of my customer first & foremost.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
Equality LGBT* Design Art Nature
get into your industry
Learn to Draw Read books on Art & Design Go to a good Art College, Do the Foundation course. Specialise in your desired area, while remaining aware & capable of practicing within many areas of Graphic Design. Design for Print and online Media.
People can find you
song to tell your story
I am what I am, Gloria Gaynor
interesting facts

• I wear a ring decorated with my original Business logo 

• 2D TypoGraphic Design had the first Wexford  based Graphic Design Business website  ('98) 1999 

• I sing for myself a lot.

1,000 euros!
On my business: Larger format Printer/ smart cutting Machine & relevant accessories For 3D Paper engineering Projects
unaccompanied concert
Michael Jackson, Páirc Uí Chaoimh, Cork