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Derval Dunford
The Story

Suí is the Irish word for sit. When you are training a puppy you ask him sit, he wanders off, you bring him back, you say 'sit', he wanders off, and this is repeated for a very long time. Training a puppy is like training your mind.

The mind wanders off, you bring it back and begin again, you don't beat it up every time, because you know that it is the nature of the mind to wander just like a puppy! Suí Mindfulness is my business name.

Best advice given

To acknowledge the value I provide.

Business day

Start the day before the day starts you.

Sit (suí) and do a short mindfulness practice.

Mind yourself...

I practice what I preach, using Yoga Nidra, mindfulness and breath work daily to maintain balance, I connect with nature every day.

To let go and begin again.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

Being invited to present at the inaugural Cabo Breath Fest in Feb 2020 alongside world leaders.

Funniest moment

I hada very important session with a brand new high profile group. I misread the time. I thought it was starting at 11am. I like to be on time! I was staying a 30 min drive away. At 9.50am I got a call asking me if I was lost, I said no I haven't left yet. It's 11am isn't it? the reply was 'no it's 10am!' I got into the car, put my make up on at the traffic lights, did deep breathing the whole way there while driving like a maniac! :) They had been delayed, I got in the door the moment they were ready to start the session! Phew! It was so unlike me it was actually funny, I laughed so much. It went really well too which was great.

Learn about marketing and get paid well based on the value you provide.

A younger you?
Jon Kabat-Zinn, known as the Father of mindfulness in the western world. Dan Brulee, a pioneer in breath work with 45 years experience.
anthem for business

First Aid Kit's My Silver Lining.

"Can't worry 'bout what's behind you or what's coming for you further up the road..........

yeah I just keep on keeping on"

"why" For business

I learned the hard way so you can learn the easy way!

I am passionate about supporting others especially children to acknowledge their value, their uniqueness and their resilience.

other jobs

I was assistant manager in a shop called Goodbodies, it was like the body shop.

I also worked as a massage and beauty therapist. I've been self-employed for 25 years.


To make mindfulness make sense.

To empower people through breath work!


I like the bottom line, when I get it I can impart it.

I learned the hard way I teach the easy way.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

I am passionate about supporting children.

Laura Lynn Children's Hospice would be high on my list from personal experience.

get into your industry

Start a daily practice today, practice what you preach.

Get the best training possible and keep learning and growing.

People can find you
Dog died - Dooley was his name
I love Kung Fu Panda
song to tell your story
First Aid Kit's My Silver Lining
interesting facts

I am not naturally a zen type

I don't like reading instructions

I'm a bit of a hermit

1,000 euros!

A holiday

unaccompanied concert

Occasion at the Castle festival in Castlebar, Co. Mayo 1980