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Dolores Andrew-Gavin
The Story

My business brand - Celtic Soul Essence

One of greatest lessons I have learned in life is to ask for what it is I need because I am worth it!!   

From an early age our perceptions of life get formed and sometimes we can live in an illusion of not being entitled to have what it is we need or even a perception that no one will want to hear what we have to say.    When we hold onto these limiting beliefs they become the fuel that drives our life!   

Also, we can lose our mojo after life events like; leaving the workforce to look after children or we can have our power taken away from us in toxic relationships.

I help people get to the bottom of whatever it is that is fuelling their actions, to weed out the limiting beliefs that don’t bring them the results they want and help them instead, fuel their lives with stories that empower them.  

This starts with finding your unique “root voice”, the authentic voice that lets you know what it is you desire from life. 

Best advice given

“Surround yourself with people who get you”

Business day

Have a plan but don’t be so rigid that you smother something better coming in!    

Mind yourself...

I listen to my internal clock and go with its rhythm.  Some days are not for completing projects and some days are!  Some days you need selfcare more than a sale and if you push against this you probably won’t get the sale nor the selfcare!

My father told me he heard this bit of advice “if you want to sell something call it an enticing name and charge a fortune for it”!!!!  

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

Publishing my first children’s book

Funniest moment

Branding everything and then changing my mind as to what I do!

Honour your gut instinct.  When it feels right do it AND when it doesn’t don’t.  

A younger you?
Maureen Murdock (Author)
anthem for business

“If you want love, you gotta give love away”! 

WHY ----- We can’t give to others what we don’t have.  If we don’t believe we can sell then we won’t sell, if we don’t respect our self no-one else will respect us!

"why" For business

To share my medicine with others.

other jobs

Worked in the legal world for 20 years; qualified as a Legal Executive and worked as a legal secretary.   Also PA and Recruitment Consultant. 


My personal mission is also my professional mission and that is to have my own creative space where people can come and “just be”. 

I have been through many of the things I teach so can emphasise with clients and really get where they are coming from and why they can remain stuck.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

Empowering young girls/women to respect themselves and their bodies by learning about what it is to be a woman from their elders and in so doing remove taboos about subjects like sensuality, sexuality, menstruation and everything else a woman goes through!   I run monthly New Moon Red Tent ceremonies which I hope to expand to mothers and daughters. 

get into your industry

Be prepared to work on yourself and don’t fight what comes up.   When you go through your own transformational journey you can better understand the journey for others.

People can find you
Saving Private Ryan
song to tell your story
Katy Perry – Teenage Dream
interesting facts

I used to be a heavy smoker, discovered EFT and never looked back!

I won a European Award for a project with Junior Chamber International and picked it up on stage in Monte Carlo in 1998

I was President of Junior Chamber Galway in 1999 and am now a Senator of Junior Chamber International.

1,000 euros!

I would hire a PR agent.

unaccompanied concert

Rick Astley