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Elaine Lindsay
The Story

TROOL is an acronym meaning the rest of our lives..

Best advice given

Be you ... real is important

Business day

Start with #Gratitude

Mind yourself...

I don't ever take myself seriously, life is meant to be fun

'No' is a complete sentence

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

Being asked to be a featured contributor to 3 books on Social Media - in the US and the UK

Funniest moment

Appearing on camera for the first time in a strapless dress.. got the handle "the Naked woman" helluva start to an on air career! LOL

You are worthy, you need to call on courage and develop confidence its most useful as it helps you and your customers.

A younger you?
Maxwell Maltz Psycho-Cybernetics (1960), Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich, Viktor Frankl ‎Man's Search for Meaning, Oprah, Lois Soley, Mari Smith,, Brene Brown and Mel Robbins
anthem for business

Flower of Scotland .. weird I know..

"why" For business

I was helping a friend, and then another and it grew from there

other jobs

Interior decorator, stage manager, dance school office manager, display and sales Nabisco


To aid entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and seniorpreneurs to level the playing field online so the most relevant best quality business comes out on top

I see the Big Picture.. long term, for you, the customer, and integrate and optimize all your digital properties to get you the most visibility in the SERPs...(Search engine results pages)

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

I believe that voice search, via smart speakers, and video/audio are the most important areas for small business to aim for in order to take advantage of this next wave of technology ...

get into your industry

Find a mentor and learn all you can about all things digital.. it's important to see the big picture and include all the pieces of the puzzle

People can find you

Google Elaine Lindsay LOL .. or and of course

Dog - @TheDivaChi
song to tell your story
Enigma - Return To Innocence
interesting facts
  1. One of the first people to HIRL (hangout in real life) in NYC with 70 others from around the world
  2. I'm bionic, I have a number of titanium parts 
  3. I got to be a part of John Grisham’s release party for the Racketeers.. And I was given the opportunity to ask him a question he said he had never been asked… His answer was surprising a took a while to explain… it was awesome!!
1,000 euros!

My family, the grandkids and Caylee (our furkid) (I want to include the whole family, which is not always possible)

unaccompanied concert

Steppenwolf in 1969