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Emma O'Toole
The Story
I am a yoga teacher in Wicklow, sharing yoga, prenatal yoga, somatic movement, kids and teen yoga, corporate yoga. I have been teaching yoga for 7 years and practicing for 14 years. My brand is about me sharing my passion. Yoga has been a holistic method to my wellness with Type 1 diabetes.
Best advice given
Trust the process. Enjoy the good days but the bad days are only temporary.
Business day
Eat the frog! Clear the tasks you don't want to do first which leaves the rest of the day to be fun and exciting
Mind yourself...
Anxiety strikes me very hard and dashes my confidence. When an attack occurs, I acknowledge the "mind made problem" and address the reality to bring my mind back to the present moment. This is where life exists
The best thing to do is turn a hobby into a career
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
Funniest moment
A younger you?
Gabrielle Bernstein, Kino Macgregor,
anthem for business
"why" For business
other jobs
I am no stranger to the Corporate Space. I spent nearly 25 years in technology (Support, teaching, Consulting, Testing software). I have a qualification in social media management.
I want to lead a holistic wellness centre using guidance in movement and offer a comfortable place to promote mental health awareness.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
get into your industry
People can find you
Via my Facebook Page, Twitter and word of mouth
song to tell your story
interesting facts
1,000 euros!
unaccompanied concert