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Esther Ocampo
The Story

IPA Group started as IPA Solutions when we were still living in Mexico. IPA stands for Innovative Publicity and Advertising.

Best advice given

- Don't take it personally.

- Innovate or die

Business day

Plan it all out as much as possible. With two kids I need to work more while they're at school as once they're home it's homework and after-school clubs etc.

Mind yourself...

I delegate as much as possible to my team. I have a great team of 8 people who have other talents that I don't.

It's always darkest before the dawn.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

When the first person entrusted us with his website after only being set up a week!

Funniest moment

Funny or embarrassing? I keep getting people's names mixed up.

Do it sooner and don't think twice.

A younger you?
Samantha Kelly, Anna Scheller
anthem for business

Don't stop me now - Queen - we're having such a good time!

"why" For business

My kids. I used to work 100 hour weeks outside the house when we lived in Mexico so when we came home it was important to be there more for them.

other jobs

Waitress, retail assistant, estate agent, translator, PA, HR, English teacher, Primary school teacher (all subjects)


World domination

We're all bi-lingual (English-Spanish) so can offer services in both languages.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

We support a local charity each year. This year we're designing a website free of charge for the local Gateway Club.

get into your industry

Train. Keep up to date on all social media changes and advances. Try out the new platforms and features as soon as possible. Innovate or die

People can find you
Dog but we've been adopted by a cat
Love Actually
song to tell your story
Chocolate - Snow Patrol
interesting facts

I lived in Mexico for 12 years

I play the trombone

I have a degree in International Business Studies

1,000 euros!

A family holiday. We haven't been away in ages.

unaccompanied concert

Robbie Williams at Slane 1999