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Fiona McKeon
The Story

Fiona McKeon, CEO of Bizworld Ireland is a professional development lecturer and trainer. Entering the business world over a decade ago, her strong background in education ensures her methods of lecturing, mentoring and teaching are both informative and effective. Fiona has transferred her abilities as an educator to provide skills and advice to people of all ages in order to improve their professional standards and personal effectiveness through branding and mentoring. She counts many educational institutions, such as IBEC, Fás, DAA, Brown Thomas, Ernst & Young, Darley Flying Start, TV3 and TG4 as her previous clients. She has also developed and delivered programmes for the Dublin Institute of Design and Froebel College of Education, NUIM As CEO of Bizworld Ireland, Fiona is bridging the gap between education and business in order to create successful but financially responsible adults for the future. Bizworld is an initiative provided by both educators and the business community to empower and inspire Primary school children. It provides a platform for kids to learn about social enterprise, critical thinking and money management in a fun and creative way. The organisation's mission is to challenge and engage children across the cultural and economic spectrum. This is executed through experiential learning programs that teach the basics of business, while also promoting teamwork and leadership in the classroom. Bizworld sow the seeds so these children can grow their future.

Best advice given

Don't worry about all of your failed pitches! You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you do a deal!

Business day

Be current, if you're not up to speed on social media, get someone to help you.

Mind yourself...

I have an excellent Board but a few special colleagues on the board who are great confidants. Honesty going both ways helps and I always give something back by way of introductions also. It's a two way street.

Go back to your own roots and strengths and then your business will follow.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

Winning Start up Hero award and also the David Manley emerging social entrepreneur award. But's when an audience of children, tutors or volunteers are engaged and smiling!!!!

Funniest moment

Realising that business is has more soul and I was shocked when an agency took my course and lifted it.

Get a work ethic early on .... as soon as you can work a few hours somewhere and deal with the good as an education....coming from and educator!!!! Start younger... I stayed too long minding my permanent pensionable job while trying to set up a business while working. Manners open doors!!!!

A younger you?
Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Sheryl Sandberg, John Hume, Hilary Clinton, Mary Robinson
anthem for business

Non, je ne regrette de rien!!!!!!

"why" For business

I felt I needed to do something that wasn't been doing done at all I am currently working on addressing the stale Junior Cert teaching approach to the Business syllabus.

other jobs

Teaching, Lecturing, Image Consultancy and Corporate Training - setting up the Image Department in Dublin Institute of Design. While as student I worked in a newsagents, Dunnes, Smart Brothers Menswear, Dry cleaners, Selling Encyclopedia.


To create a movement in Ireland where people train to offer BizWorld workshops in Primary schools and give theses valuable life skills of resilience and adaptability to young people before they enter the difficult Secondary sector. Even though BizWorld touches

I am unique as I was trained as a teacher and then explored other areas such as image consultancy and ran my own business. Studying further when my second child went to school gained me a Masters in Leadership and Management in Education and then I lectured future teachers in University. Then I founded an educational business called BizWorld offering programmes in entrepreneurship and business to children in Primary Schools. This is my passion now.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

Empowerment of children to choose Business in Secondary school and to explore their own personal strengths through ur BizWorld workshops.

get into your industry

Volunteer and push yourself to have a go in the classroom - it's very rewarding.

People can find you
Shawshank Redemption
song to tell your story
Non, Je ne regrette de rien!
interesting facts

I was the first girl to represent my school at young age of 2nd class in Dublin Primary school sports in 100 meters.

I begged my parents to let me work in a local grocer shop at age 13 after they asked me to work Sundays. I succeeded.

I hope to change the way people learn and teach..starting in Primary and moving to Secondary. I was revolutionary lecturing at 3rd level.

1,000 euros!

BizWorld Irleand

unaccompanied concert

Chris De Burgh - RDS 1987!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!