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Gillian Fagan
The Story

My grandmother Cora was the most maternal, nurturing woman I've ever known.  Not just to me but to absolutely everyone! She did a lot in her community, volunteered, opened her home to anyone who needed a place to talk, rest or food.  My practice is called AcoraTherapy, named after her.

Best advice given

Better to regret trying than always wonder what if.

Business day

Make the bed as soon as you get up.  You've already achieved something.

Mind yourself...

I make sure not to fall out of love with it.  I keep learning and researching, meeting new clients, networking, doing events, reminding myself why I do what I do.
I also enjoy myself to switch off on Friday nights and Sundays guilt free.
I have a solid network who understand what it's like to be an entrepreneur.  
If I've had a good run I'll allow myself a treat, after all what am I doing this for.
I've a separate work phone but I leave it in the office and do not look at it when I'm "off".

When I'm not happy what is the common denominator.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

I was listed as one of the 145 Most Inspirational Women Leaders.  Still not sure how that happened!
I left a career of 21 years to be in business.  It felt huge but I'm so proud of myself for making the leap.
Bouncing during Covid19, when it looked like things could fail I went international.

Funniest moment

Rapidly turning a junk room into a home office to work away during lockdown.  As I've way more books than bookshelves they are piled in tall piles around me.  On the phone to a client, working through some very tough stuff, one of the towers collapsed and kicked off a complete domino effect where I had booked piling on top of me from every direction!  The poor client was just watching me getting beaten up by books on Zoom.  
Anyway the mistake is that books only stack so high before the tower gets unstable.

Start sooner!

A younger you?
My grandmother!
anthem for business

Fleetwood Mac, Go Your Own Way

I was employed for 21 years when I have always had an entrepreneur mindset but didn't have the self belief. Once I made the transition I'm just sorry I didn't do it sooner. Everything feels different, I'm much more authentic. When I made the leap everyone thought I was bonkers and it was too much of a risk but I had to shut out all external voices and do what felt right to me.
Even as an entrepreneur I tend to not follow "formulas", I have a unique way of connecting with clients and am always challenging the status quo.

"why" For business

I know it's going to sound daft but I truly feel it is a vocation.  
Growing up with a grandmother like Cora I saw the benefit and healing that a kind heart and a listening ear could bring. I've been volunteering since the 90s and finally turned helping people into a career.  

I studied coaching, then psychotherapy, then diversity, then psychology.  I loved it.  When I began to see how humans work I got so much compassion and understanding for why we are the way we are.  When I help someone make that connection and get in touch with who they truly are it makes everything worth while.

other jobs

I was a credit and lending team leader, fraud prevention officer, ran a call centre, debit collector, credit and risk technician.  I was a company secretary, a product sales specialist, an Anne Summers party rep.  I was a tax consultant, a financial services advisor, an asset finance manager.
I was also a DJ, a corset model, a party planner, an aromatherapist...
A very mixed bag!


To be a catalyst of ripples in a pond where people get to know (and fall in love with) their true selves.

I'm one of the most curious people I know.  I will always ask why a thing is the way it is, which translates so well to being a mental health specialist as I really want to understand human behaviour.

As a hobby I study human biology, evolution and neuroscience.  It gives me a much deeper way of working as a therapist and when I design a course or talk I'm always considering the why.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

Human Rights
Gender equity /equality
Diversity and Inclusion
Mental Health being normalised, everyone has mental health
Whiskey Tasting
Eating out
Stress Busting
Social Activist
Personal Development
Everyone Matters

get into your industry

Start with where your passion lies rather than the academia

People can find you

I love virtual coffees and chats with people one on one.  Get in touch and lets do coffee!

Gillian Fagan: LinkedIn
AcoraTherapy: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Don't really have one, I'm not a big TV person but if I had to pick I'd say Labyrinth.
song to tell your story
The Beat Goes On - Buddy Rich Swing Band
interesting facts

1. I wrote my own wedding ceremony which was the most unique wedding I've ever been to

2. I sometimes brew my own beer

3. I used to DJ at a fetish club

1,000 euros!

During these covid times I'd hire a private dining room for my family to meet up and have a luxurious socially distant dinner.

unaccompanied concert

1994 Ash in The Point