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Grainne Parker
The Story
I am part of a business called Dominic Munnelly Health and Wellness. Our Website is and is based on the premise that we can show you the way to better health and wellness. Our way is simple - Move Well, Train Well and Eat Well to Be Well We offer all services to do with being fit well and happy. I work as a health coach to empower people to lose weight, eat better, sleep better, manage their stress levels or have a better work life balance.
Best advice given
Its not all about the moves upwards, every bit of experience counts including what might seem like a move sideways at the time.
Business day
I always set some quiet time for me to plan my day before my day gets planned for me
Mind yourself...
I love to workout, I am a passionate cook and love my bed.
When my first husband died very young and very unexpectedly a very kindly lady told me never to drink to numb the pain. I never forgot that advice as the temptation to try and numb the pain somehow was very high at times. Thankfully I came through it intact and now very happy !
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
The day our book was published in 2018. It's called Move Train Nourish, The Sustainable Way to a Healthier You and I co-wrote it with my Business partner and husband Dominic Munnelly.
Funniest moment
I cant think of any funny mistakes. I do remember emailing the person I was giving out about in the email, by accident ...eeek
Carve out time to look after yourself. Remember to value the service you provide - both your time and your expertise. Just because you are a small business doesn't mean your services should be free or under priced.
A younger you?
I have had a number of great bosses in my life and those have been my inspiration and I hope to be as wise, kind and generous with my time that they were as my career developed.
anthem for business
"why" For business
Together they combine their skills to offer a unique, practical and inspiring approach to fitness and well-being. By integrating all aspects of a healthy lifestyle – mobility, strength, conditioning, sleep quality, nutrition, wellness and stress management – they offer a comprehensive guide to training, mobility and nutrition. They believe that feeling good is open to all and should be an enjoyable experience. They want to change the misguided perceptions that living healthily is about sacrifice. They see living well as a blessing and a sustainable way of life. Their passion for health is evident in how they live their lives – through their curiosity and their pursuit for knowledge. Through this passion and knowledge they provide valuable tools for their clients, inspiring and empowering them to live fitter, healthier and happier lives.
other jobs
I spent over 20 years in business and technology consulting with PwC and IBM. I pursued various Health and Wellness qualifications while I was working and then decided to leave my consulting career and join forces with my husband. I am a qualified Health and Wellness Coach, a Stress Management Coach, as well as currently completing my American College of Lifestyle Medicine certification.
To empower people to live happy and healthy lives
We are a husband and wife team, with premium health expertise. We are the go-to team for fitness and well-being, through our training knowledge and expertise, we empower people to live happy, healthy lives.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
Yes ! I am really happy to do some volunteering at an athletics club nearby. I love how the kids turn up at least 2 nights a week no matter the weather and whether they are walking jogging or running it is so much better for them than being in front of the TV! Plus despite 20 years of experience, I have learnt more about motivation since I started than all those years.
get into your industry
Talk to people in the industry.Find a mentor and pursue a qualification in the area you are interested in. Qualifications are vital as there are too many people out there giving health and wellness advice just because they are good looking or have a six pack. A credential will separate you from all the others.
People can find you

They can find me at or on twitter @parkergrainne on instagram @grainneheathcoach or at

Daughter loves cats and we have one
The Deer Hunter
song to tell your story
I would need about 20 songs :-)
interesting facts
I got a tattoo for my 35th Birthday I can still handstand walk at nearly 52! I think I am 25 in my head
1,000 euros!
Investment in equipment
unaccompanied concert
Bob Dylan in 1984 the year I left school. I will never forget the excitment of that day and feeling so grown up as we travelled on the bus there and back.