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Helen McNulty
The Story

Make Your Message came to me in 2019 when a client I was working with asked me to teach her what I know when it came to using Canva and scheduling.
I took on board what she had asked and I began to develop a programme to offer practical training to business owners to use tools that are meant to be easy to use. I was making them look easy because I use them all the time and because I am an artist and a writer. But these are skills I learned over time. So I began to think about how I learned them, how it is I make messages. And Make Your Message was born.

Best advice given

Do Less. (Kate Northrup). I took this to mean keep listening to the environment and the client and to flow with the demands. To also mind my energy and plan for creativity in times I am creative.

Business day

Take time the night before to plan out what you are going to achieve.
I made cards about ten years ago called What One Thing (I am having them made for my clients) The cards act like a tarot and when I feel stuck, I draw one out and it gives me an intuitive action to follow which can be anything from Go For a Walk to Open Google Sheets and Make A Spreadsheet about whatever I am stuck on.

Mind yourself...

I use my menstrual cycle to guide my productivity and planning. I studied my cycle and now I can predict my moods and use them to my advantage. For example, I am really good at critising everything I do at a particular time of the month, so I don't put myself out there at that time, I review what I have done and make lists of what to do better next time. It gives me so much power and more time. I really want to teach this in my programme.

You Will Be Judged. So do it anyway. My mummy said this. She told me that we all judge each other all the time and that no matter what you do, just don't imagine what they are thinking. It will only last a short amount of time and then will be gone. Judgement is not always a bad thing either.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

In my art business it was when I went to Norway with my first big solo show.
With my clients, I get so happy when they launch a campaign and watch the engagement and sales rise.

Funniest moment

On stage welcoming a band when I worked in music promotion. I fell off the stage.

To be comfortable with my voice and myself.

A younger you?
My scout leaders as a child were the most inspirational as they devoted their lives to helping us grow as leaders.
anthem for business

Joni Mitchell 'Clouds'

"why" For business

I want to use my light to shine on to others and show them how wonderful they are and empower them to share their projects with the world with authority and power and authenticity by using my unique and varied set of skills.

other jobs

Marketing Manager, PR Manager, Artist, Storyteller, Performer, Theatre Producer, Actor, Movie Extra, Hotel Receptionist, Shoe Seller in Clarkes Shoe Shop, Social Media Manager, Arts Manager, Publicist, Performing Artist and Digital Marketing Manager.


To help small business owners to get clear and confident on their messaging so that local economies are lifted up and get more market share for their products by being more visible, accessible and engaging.

I use creativity and emotional intelligence paired with planning and organizational methods to help bring business owners into a place of clarity with their message.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

The arts. I am very passionate about Visual Arts and Theatre and I run a Story, Song and Poetry evening in the Wicklow Hills. I believe that the arts are the most valuable resource of any country and when they are nurtured we have a stronger and more empathetic society. We need artists like we need scientists, to solve the problems of society with ideas.

get into your industry

I would tell them to do my Make Your Message course! (

People can find you

They can get in touch with Make Your Message by signing up at  and they can engage with my art and writing at they can also find Make Your Message on Facebook at or follow me on instagram at or on facebook I also have twitter

song to tell your story
Over the Mountain by Len Graham - its a traditional Irish song.
interesting facts

I am the middle child of seven children from Northern Ireland.
I once gave a speech at the Dáil when I was 17.
I was in Game of Thrones in a blink and you'll miss me role.

1,000 euros!

My business - I would hire some help with bookkeeping.

unaccompanied concert

Christy Moore