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Helena Gilhooly
The Story
Busybeaders name came about as there was two of us at the start and when we started beading as a business we brainstormed and really tried to get a name that told our story, we literally spent our time beading, we were always busy beading'!! Hey presto busybeaders
Best advice given
The main piece of advice was from The Tweeting Goddess herself “people buy from people” always stuck in my head
Business day
Build your support system, join a good strong network that you can bounce ideas off.
Mind yourself...
I trust my instinct
To look after yourself, to take care of your needs as well as your business needs.
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
Standing on stage April 2017 in front of over 200 women and telling my story, my phone was non stop with messages of support
Funniest moment
Ordering parts and they been about a quarter of the size I actually needed
From day one find likeminded people, get to know them, also believe in yourself that you can do this.
A younger you?
A big fan of Samantha Kelly, Susan Hayes, Oonagh O’Hagan
anthem for business
It has to be “Angels” by Robbie Williams one Angels are a big part of what I sell and I adore Robbie Williams
"why" For business
I wanted to achieve something with my life, I love what I can make and how I bring some comfort to people, especially if an angel was made to bring someone comfort in time of grief and sadness. I also have brought joy to many people especially on their wedding day. That is an incredible feeling to have an impact on a persons big day that is monumental to them.
other jobs
I worked as a cleaner as a young girl, in my 20s up until mid 30s I worked in Motorola, were I had to hand place tiny minute parts (literally small bread crumb size) onto a soft paste without touching each other, now I see this was great practice for the small parts I use in jewellery making
To make every woman who buys from me know that there is a little part of them in the commissioned piece, that they know if there is any issues they can contact me and know I will be happy to sort any problems. To make them feel special wearing my work.
My unique selling point is that I can make jewellery from Childrens sizes right up to any dress that is required, I leave my customers knowing my work was made especially for them, they can have input into the size of beads, colours, shapes, they have a real connection to my handmade jewellery.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
I am a big believer in random acts of kindness/paying it forward, I have helped with numerous fundraisers for friends, friends going to Disneyland, to helping out when a friends young son had cancer, the stressed that causes on family’s is just heartbreaking, parents have to give up jobs, but still need funds to live off.
get into your industry
Practice, practice, practice your skills. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
People can find you
Dog (Thor)
Dirty Dancing
song to tell your story
I Will Survive by Gloria Gayner
interesting facts
1. I took part in a charity calendar nearly naked. 2. There is a video ad somewhere in South America of myself and my friend in a cheesecake cafe that was filmed when I was in New York in 2010. 3. I gave birth to my 3rd child standing in a doorway of a bathroom of the hospital In less than 2 minutes.
1,000 euros!
A good facial and creams, a nice meal with my 4 children.
unaccompanied concert
Micheal Jackson in cork