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Helena Tubridy
The Story
Best advice given

Best bit of advice I got was to realise that I am a business, to use my own name and DO what I do best.

Business day

Setting up my day involves an Epsom salts bath, breakfast and being taken for a walk to the river by my canine pal.

Mind yourself...

I’m a committed single-tasker, so pacing, spacing and facing is best for me.  I take my own time and never overfill the diary with client visits.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

Proudest moments happen when I get news of a pregnancy or a birth, a client’s successful job interview, the end of panic attacks, or their first orgasm. Being asked to work with the then-President of Ireland in Áras an Uachtarán was pretty wonderful, too. I got to fit out my therapy room!

Funniest moment

Funniest mistake was made for me – receptionist booked in 5 men from Saudi who expected a very different kind therapy.

I’d tell a younger me to have the courage of her avant-garde convictions.

A younger you?
Inspiring people? Dr. Sheila Cassidy invented the syringe-driver for sustained-release analgesia for cancer patients to be free of pain and remain alert. I worked with her in Plymouth. She’d suffered torture in Chile and deflected from plastic surgery to terminal care. Loved her popping in at midnight, always with time to talk and laugh with staff and patients. Sam Kelly: she’s sound, kind and inspiring. She manages to be always helpful, direct, and encouraging. No b/s. I love the way she collects interesting people and then connects them with magical results!
anthem for business

My song is Sound of Silence – only sung by David Dreyman (Disturbed) on Conan  #Testosterone

"why" For business

My why’’ of working is to help people lose the fear and find hope. The rest follows

other jobs

Other jobs I’ve loved include – a summer as a hospital kitchen skivvy, nurse (much the same really) midwife, medical sales, mastectomy prosthetics fitter, reflexologist & aromatherapist, natural healthcare clinic owner, mother, hypnotherapist/ psychotherapist, and fertility coach.


I’m a lifelong learner and now I’m doing an MA in Ethics (2018). Assisted human reproduction is a rapidly evolving landscape and my clients face extraordinary pressures and decisions about family building and fertility treatment.

Bioethics examines issues such as anonymous egg and sperm donation and 3-parent children (mitochondrial transfer).

I’m lucky to have a nursing and midwifery background so all the information and advice I share is medically accurate. I can explain all the infertility investigations and treatment my clients face. As a qualified therapist I can help with anxiety and sex problems caused by infertility. I am experienced in counseling clients after failed IVF cycles, miscarriage, fatal fetal abnormalities termination of pregnancy, stillbirth, neo-natal death, traumatic birth and rape.  My medical hypnosis focuses the mind, and reduces anxiety quickly, so that fewer sessions are required. I use EMDR to dissolve trauma and to create a positive mindset. 

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

I want to equip people to enhance their natural fertility both physically and mentally, and to make their best reproductive decisions confidently, with full and free information. I’d like to see ethical regulation of fertility clinics and standardization of treatment for individuals.

get into your industry

My advice to a young person is to get professionally educated, trained and experienced in your field.  

People can find you
I love both dogs and cats. Always those wonderful ones, who rescue me, and kindly consent to have me take care of them!
My favourite movie is the cult British comedy ‘Withnail and I’, starring Richard E. Grant.
song to tell your story
interesting facts

Three interesting facts about me? Really? Pass…

1,000 euros!

Should I receive €1000 it would come in handy to get a decent headshot with Lucie and some website updating. That’s if it didn’t go to pay the car tax…

unaccompanied concert

Lisdoonvarna Festival, at the ripe old age of 19, with a divine Swiss boyfriend.