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Hilary Connor
The Story
Hi everyone! I started my business way back in 1999. Initially I read tarot cards. Throughout the years the clientele grew and the practice evolved. I did various CPD training in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Diploma in Training, and Counselling skills to name a few. All sessions, from Spiritual Hypnosis to Spiritual Guidance readings and everything in between aim to help each client be the very best they can be in blending the mindful and the pragmatic approaches to life and growth. Later this year I hope to publish my first book. It's a Spiritual fictional novel and I am super excited and equally nervous about it. I see clients both one to one and internationally via SKYPE/Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, from my practice in Gorey, Co Wexford. My website is: T: (353) 0868494646 Great to be here and I look forward to connecting with you all 💖
Best advice given
To be myself and enjoy it!
Business day
Take a moment to meditate, align with your infinite power...and then I have coffee!
Mind yourself...
I go with my instincts, trust myself and desern from those making too much noise. I also take time for attention to detail and in today's online world stay in the awareness of its pro's and con's.
So many to chose from but this one is not Not really advice more if a quote: Whether you think you can do a thing or you think you can't, You're usually right. Henry Ford
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
I think this year has to be the proudest time. I NEVER thought I could or would write a Spiritual Fictional novel and I'm proud of myself that I have. (I'm super proud of the main character too!, she rocks)
Funniest moment
I set up a find my business account with Google, intending it to be named: Hilary Connor Spiritual Development Coach only to set it up under my kids You Tube chanel (FunBoosTv) I nearly died. Neither can still be found on Googles find my business and I still don't know how to fix it.
PLEASE stop worrying!!, just do what you do. Work hard, do your best and trust everything will be ok. Oh and do not be swayed by anothers idea that goes against your instincts. If it doesn't feel right, it usually isnt.
A younger you?
Nelson Mandela. Martin Luther Kind. Marianne Williamson. Teale Swan. Christina Noble.
anthem for business
Queen, We are the Champions 😉 Think that's a message for everyone.
"why" For business
There has always been something in me that wants to help folk. This life has its challenges, it's hard but everyone has MASSIVE potential within and I believe with the right support that potentialcan be. Realised.
other jobs
Oh gosh, office manger, accounting technician, customer service representative, & waitress.
Honestly, to do my best in contributing to the shift that comes with evolution while I'm on this planet.
I dont know, my experience of life really. Not sure if that a very business like answer.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
See previous answer.
get into your industry
Stay in your power, be true to yourself always. From there put yourself out there, work hard and connect with people. Be authentic and the rest will fall into place.
People can find you
I have a few but I would watch MamaMia, Love Actually and Avatar again and again.
song to tell your story
Tough one but going to go with Bruce Springsteen Born to Run, but hoping I can change that if needs be 😁
interesting facts

1. I am left handed. 2. O Rhesus Negative blood group 3.Therefore there are only roughly 9% of my kind on the planet.

1,000 euros!
Weekend away camping with my husband and three girls 😎😎😎
unaccompanied concert
REM at the RDS back in the '80's