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Jacquie Branagan
The Story

Many years involved in Marketing for various business interests, kept been approached for advice/assistance so eventually set up Pro Digital Services

Best advice given

Concentrate on your own business, give value and do your very best, ALWAYS!

Business day

Start Happy! Listen to your favourite "get on the dance floor" music, write out your goals for the day and make sure to follow through.

Mind yourself...

Work hard, be proud of everything we do and client we help.

Only surround yourself with like minded people of the same values.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

Everything we do for each client, helping them establish their online brand, makes us happy :)

Funniest moment

Wearing hold up stockings which started to fall down while out walking with a client! Mortified LOL.

Make sure you surround yourself with equally dedicated people whose first goal is client satisfaction.

A younger you?
Kate Hancock who started her road to Millionaire-hood with just $20, a vision and hard work.
anthem for business

Yazz - The Only Way is Up!  Because we all go through up's and down's but always remember, when down, the only way is up!

"why" For business

Love everything about branding and marketing.  Have helped so many people / businesses over the years and it's a joy to be involved in the creative element of people's business journeys.

other jobs

Global Contract's Manager for Hewlett Packard & CEO of various online businesses - an Entrepreneur for 18yrs


With our amazing talented team of award winning content creators, we take people / businesses on a complete journey from obsecurity to brand recognition.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

Autism because my only child, my son Josh lives with Aspergers / Dyspraxia & ADHD.  
I live with Crohns Disease

get into your industry

Be diligent about studying the industry and get as much experience as you can.

People can find you
Personal Mobile:  +353 86 9877 234

song to tell your story
interesting facts

I'm known on Clubhouse as "Jacquie in the Red, with the Red Lipstick"
I am not a fan of "Putting myself out there" - prefer to do it for others!

1,000 euros!

A Holiday!

unaccompanied concert