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Joanne Davoren
The Story
My business went through a lot of trial and error in the beginning. I fell into the habit of paying too much attention to what other freelancers and VAs were doing. Right now the current state of my business is the one I’m most aligned with. I work with holistic, wellness and metaphysical business owners and get to combine my interest in these areas with the skills I have gained in social media, web design and more. And I love what I do.
Best advice given
You don’t need to do what everyone else is doing.
Business day
I use a diary to outline my daily tasks - it’s good to get all your ‘to do’s’ down on paper so that you can focus on what you’re doing.
Mind yourself...
Self-care is important so I make sure to take time out and to maintain boundaries.
Follow your passion.
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
One of my proudest business moments was when a long-term client shared my latest package with her following.
Funniest moment
Nothing too funny!
Don’t compare yourself to everyone else.
A younger you?
Those who have been true to themselves and do the right thing, regardless of what others think.
anthem for business
Oh that’s a tough one... will need to think on this more!
"why" For business
I started my business so that I could have the freedom to work with who I wanted, do work that I enjoy and to have control over my time.
other jobs
My previous jobs have mainly been admin based and I’ve worked in a variety of sectors, like higher education and health.
My mission is to help small business owners get things done and to feel totally in alignment with what they do.
I have a down-to-earth attitude and I’m passionate about the areas that my ideal client focuses on.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
Animals, nature and wildlife causes as well as mental health awareness,
get into your industry
Research and find what works best for you.
People can find you
People can find me on my website, by email and on social media.
I’m a total cat lady!
The Omen (horror fan here!)
song to tell your story
I’m no good with picking songs!
interesting facts
1. I love learning new things 2. I run an Etsy shop with templates, graphics and printables 3. I have a Certificate in Manifestation Life Coaching
1,000 euros!
If I got €1000 right now I would save half of it and would use the rest to purchase a few things like a large salt lamp, new wellies and book myself in for a facial.
unaccompanied concert
Lisa Hannigan