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Jules Hawkins
The Story

I set-up the Single Mums Business Network to provide affordable exposure to women who only have one income and little mouths to feed. It was born on the back of my own journey of fighting for exposure to my product - the KIH Bed. I networked and learned that women supporting women in business are amazing, but I still felt that it was really tricky when you had to stand up and say, I have no childcare, and very limited funds, and so I wanted to create a newtork for women who really faced similar challenges. The SMBN pays for expensive exposure so that Single Mums (and friends of the SMBN) - benefit from the kind of exposure that would otherwise be unachievable for £5 per month,

Best advice given

Believe in yourself!

Business day

Clear your head! I take a dog walk and forest shower and write a list, in order of priority, and each day is a new list and a new priority.

Mind yourself...


That there are people who want it to happen and people who make it happen. And that is the difference between those who make it. It is hard and you do have to fight. Nobody will knock on your door with a lifechanging opportunity.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

For me it was when I won the Federation of Holistic Therapists Highly Commened Accolade Award for the KIH Bed Pregnancy Cushion. And then every single positive feedback post by my customers and their clients.

Funniest moment

Not funny but I didn't tell Companies House I moved and so nearly lost the business! Scary times!

Network right away, do not feel as though you don't belong in a room full of 'business people'. We are all humans and when you enter that environment people like to support you, whether by business referrals or peer encouragement.

A younger you?
I have been inspired by so many people, but mainly decent employers (2 out of 10) who really showed me the kind of person that I wanted to be, and then by other women in business. I am inspired by people who start with nothing.
anthem for business

Titanium - (Fire away, fire away - You shoot me down but I won't fall, I am titanium) This Is Me - (I am brave I am brused - I'm not ashamed of all my scars - there's a place for us...)

"why" For business

I do not want another single mum to struggle as I have. When you become a mum you are constructively dismissed by society. When you are a single mum you are further restricted from finding work in childcare hours. Self-employment is crucial for women who want to be there for their children and break the single income wage cap.

other jobs

I worked for 20 years solid as a PA, a legal secretary, an estate agent, a publican, a videographer, a waitress, a bookkeeper, HR, telesales, SA, massage therapist... so many!


My mission is to hold those accountable who have been capitalising at the expense of others and have been putting profit before people. I want society to recognise what is archaic and make it easier for parents to work for good pay, in sync with childcare, without stressing, our speeding, & living in fear month to month of how to pay the bills.

I'm genuine, and passionate, and I will be making a lot of noise about the issue of work and pay being out of sync with school and inflation and modern single income families.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

I'm passionate about low pay, housing crisis, wealth divide. We need to stop struggling so that we can concentrate on reconnecting as society and helping other causes that need our time, energy and money.

get into your industry

I would advise a young person to do what ignites passion in them. And sometimes you need life before you find your passion. So not to rush it, just go with the flow and observe what you need to learn, and practice kindness along the way. Don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you.

People can find you
Pay it Forward
song to tell your story
This is me
interesting facts

I used to film whales and dolphins in Tenerife for a living.

I worked as an SA on Shameless, Casualty. Dr's, Lewis etc - before I had my daughter. I wanted to act - but it was just because I wanted a platform to help people!

I'm an empath,

1,000 euros!

My daughter

unaccompanied concert

Take That!