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Karin Janssen
The Story

My Business name is Janssen Photography. It is my maiden name. I am originally from Holland and it is one of the most common names in Holland ..

Best advice given

Everybody started out small.

Business day

Have cycles of 90 minutes of work and take a 15 minutes break doing something entirely different and away from the phone and email. It's a great way to reset your mind.

Mind yourself...

I am trying to work out in between: walking the dog, hiking, Pilates, Swimming. And meeting up for coffee with friends

You always have a choice in life (Edith Eger - The Choice)

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

Being told by another photographer that I had 'the unique eye' for photography

Funniest moment

I didn't have a funny one yet :-)

Don't be afraid to ask other photographers for advise, learn from your mistakes

A younger you?
The Dalai Lama, Mary Robinson, Jeremy Cowart (Photographer), my dad
anthem for business

Up where we belong - Joe Cocker. It really describes the ups and downs of making your business a success and I believe that where I want to go is where I belong. I used to sing to this: "the lift goes up to where we belong" before until my husband pointed out that I got the lyrics wrong, same idea though :-)

"why" For business

My passion for the visual arts. My profound interest in people and what drives them. And on a lighter note; to be able to organise my own time.

other jobs

I moved to Ireland in 97. I first ended up in Customer Service (thanks for my background in languages: translation French and Russian). I managed to get out of Customer Services a year later and moved to Finance in a Shared Financial Services Centre. I worked in Finance for a good few years as it paid the bills. The last few years were part-time, which allowed me to set up my own business in photography (my real passion in life)


To tell a story, whether it is to show the personality of a newborn baby, a lifestyle shoot in a family home or a unique story behind a business, I just love showing in images the tale of life.

Time! I take pride in having the images edited and ready in a very limited time.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

The world/ the environment/ Life

get into your industry

Ask loads of questions, be open-minded,

People can find you

Behind a camera, or getting blown away by the scenery ..

The Godfather
song to tell your story
"Je Voyage" a beautiful song by Charles and Katia Aznavour about life
interesting facts

I almost got a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a weak knee ruined it ...

I shook hands with Gorbachev, when I lived in Moscow (I studied Russian)

I have been living longer in Ireland than I lived in Holland (22 years vs 20 years)

1,000 euros!

Pay someone who can manage my social media

unaccompanied concert

Bruce Springsteen