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Katie Woodland
The Story
After flunking out of college I ended up working in fast fashion retail. During my time as a manager, I witnessed first hand the devastating psychological effects of working for a 'bad manager'. Experiencing sexual harassment, bullying and intimidation on a daily basis, regardless of how many times I moved to another company in 2007 I finally had enough. I was inspired to attend college in the evenings and get the grades to head off to uni and pursue a career in psychology so that I could support people who had to experience similar difficulties & to stop the cycle. After completing my degree and masters I was interning at a private led NHS contracted service and my faith in the NHS was shattered. Having to tell families over and over that their children who were struggling with mental illness, were not 'ill enough' took me to breaking point. I decided to set out on my own and create a 'no-label' mental health service which was dedicated to delivering a 'what-works' approach regardless of where someone is in their journey. The business also delivers mental health training to schools and businesses so that they can successfully support people in their organisations and more importantly, stop being the cause. Over the past few years, I've worked with some amazing organisations and individuals and am truly blessed to be doing the work that I do. In recent times, I have been inspired to support female entrepreneurs through an emotional health and business coaching programmes so that they can build successful and profitable businesses by serving their clients from a place of integrity. Why? Because women will change the world & I am dedicated to making sure that every woman with a mission makes it.
Best advice given
Selling is helping. This took me a long time to truly internalise but thankfully, now, it is firmly rooted inside!
Business day
Do your to-do list the night before. Spend the last 10-15 minutes of every day reviewing what you've achieved and planning in what you need to do tomorrow.
Mind yourself...
I celebrate my little wins which helps me stay accountable until I have completed what I was supposed to be doing!
Every single person can change the world in their own unique way. If everyone focuses on what they can do, the world will change. It's your duty, to serve in only the way that you can. So, no matter where your journey takes you, never give up. If you can dream it, you can do it!
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
Being accepted as a Huffington Post contributor.
Funniest moment
I've made a lot of mistakes but none of them funny...
Spend your first 6 months learning everything you can and building your foundations. Then spend your next 6 months building relationships, creating authority and adding value.
A younger you?
Gandhi, Martyn Luther King Jr, Emmeline Pankhurst
anthem for business
Tubthumping - I Get Knocked Down. Because, over the past 4.5 years I have failed so many times but it never keeps me down for long!
"why" For business
I want to change the way that we support people with mental illness. I want mental health to be treated the same as we do our physical health - e.g., we all go to the gym (or understand why we should) yet, very few understand how to stay mentally healthy. The larger the number of people in the world who are mentally healthy, the more people who can share their unique gifts and the higher the likelihood the world becomes a happier place to live.
other jobs
I worked in various fast fashion retail stores, worked as an Alumni engagement officer for my Undergraduate university, I've braved the streets doing door-to-door sales (commission only), worked on the NSPCC schools campaign and worked as an assistant psychologist for a specialist feeding clinic.
To do my part in positively influencing the world!
I not only show people how to change their life and business I inspire them to take action so that they can turn their dreams into realities.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
I am on the local suicide prevention strategy board & support a group of (almost 3,000) parents who have children struggling with extreme levels of depression and anxiety.
get into your industry
Gosh, that's hard because I did it wrong! Definitely go to University and complete a psychology degree (which is accredited by the BPS), while there find an internship and then apply for the clinical psychology post-graduate. Whatever you do don't complete a masters! Keep going with your internship until you secure a place as a post-grad at an HCPC registered university! After working in the NHS a few years, then branch out on your own.
People can find you
Facebook, Twitter or via my website.
A Knights Tale
song to tell your story
Stronger by Britney Spears
interesting facts
1) I make my own dresses 2) I grow my own food 3) I'm a perpetual learner
1,000 euros!
I'd invest it in my business.
unaccompanied concert
V-Festival in 2008 (& the only one I've ever been to)