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Keely Woolley
The Story

My business is all about inspiring other female executives, leaders and founders to rediscover their why, a journey of transformation, new beginnings, changing paradigms and metamorphosis. My personal symbol, totem, so to speak, is the dragonfly. It links to so many personal journeys and locations in my life. My jewellery, scarf and accessories, all have dragonflies on them. So, what better name than "Metamorforsuccess".

Best advice given

Nothing is that important in business, that you should compromise your own health for it.  Whether it is your own or working for someone else.

Business day

Writing down 3 goals to achieve that day and also voicing it, with intention.

Mind yourself...

As a professional programme and project manager, I make a point of having a clear calendar, plan and goals. One of them, is to ensure my calendar has yoga booked in my diary 3 mornings a week and also ensuring that I have a break at lunch times. Plus, I ensure that I go out in the garden to think and breath properly, usually barefooted, so I can ground myself and re-energise.

Remember to always remind yourself of your "WHY" feeling. What lights you up each day.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

That when I did my first 5-day challenge - "Breaking the patterns of stress and burn-out", one of the ladies gave me the most amazing testimonial and trusted me enough to sign her daughter up to my 12-week programme.

Funniest moment

When I was doing my first ever interview, which happened to be the Earl of Crom, in Northern Ireland.  I did it with my jumper inside out with the label on show.  It wasn't until after and I went to the toilet, I noticed. He was too polite to say anything.

Go with your heart and create the business you want to and not stay stuck in the same corporate environment, because it is safe. You've got this. You can do it.

A younger you?
One of my peers in the Leadership Team. He had the most strategic of minds, he was supportive, encouraging, motivating and helped me to strive for more than I actually thought was possible myself.
anthem for business

This is Me. Keala Settle, The Greatest Showman - As my business, is all about being who you truly are, your unique stamp on this world and no-one should tell you to change to fit in with their world. Be proud of everything you, uniquely stand for.

"why" For business

After being made redundant from a Corporate Company I worked for 23 years, I totally crashed mentally and physically. I subsequently, went on a journey of discovery and realised that I had spent far too long, pleasing everyone else around me and lost sight of who I was. I found me and learned to love myself. Stopped putting on the oxygen mask on everyone else first.  Part of that, was a remind of how much I love coaching, mentoring and teaching others, watching that light shine in their eyes, when they had inspiration, those Eureka moments and I loved helping them through the transformation.  It ultimately gives me joy, seeing others shine. That's my WHY.

other jobs

I worked for a Global Corporate Company for 23 years, started as engineering planning assistant for 2 weeks.  Then got promoted throughout the business, in various roles, until I became a Procurement Director - Head of Programme & Project Delivery.  Ultimately, everything I have been a part of, is associated to business improvements, transformation, strategy, change, efficiency and project management.


Inspiring at least one amazing female to rediscover their WHY, each week. So, I that I can see the light shine in their eyes and be a part of their journey to learn to live their life with passion and purpose.

My own Unique Branded Solution and framework - "Freedom Transformation Formula", inspiring female executives and leaders to rediscover their why, and achieve even more fulfilment and success, personally and professionally. Developed and created based on my 25 years' experience, in the corporate environment and an executive coach, trainer and mentor. "Power up your Purpose, and Claim your WHY"

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

At the moment, my focus has been with mentoring female executives in the Santander programme. I was helping a non-profit making business, a charity in Sheffield, to solidify their why and strategy, to feed the city of Sheffield in a sustainable way. They have put it on hold presently, as they had a number of health issues and big projects to deliver. So, we are starting again later this year.

get into your industry

Read and listen to inspirational books on the subject area. Find out about "Though-leaders" on your topic and learn from them, find out what lands with you and what doesn't.  Get your own personal coach, so they can help you move away from the mistakes and lessons they learned along the way.Get guidance, as to how you can create your own Unique Branded Solution - Framework to coach and teach others.

People can find you
Shawshank Redemption
song to tell your story
I am still thinking about that answer. I have so many options.
interesting facts

I am passionate about live music, particularly listening to Django Reinhardt Gypsy Jazz, Hot club and music from singers like Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan & Dinah Washington, played by guitarists, violinists, clarinet/sax, double base with incredible singers. I have been going to the Django Reinhardt Gypsy Jazz Festival in Samois-Sur-Seine, France for over 20 years. My personal sanctuary and my second family. This location has a direct link to my passion for dragonflies and my company brand.My first co-authored book, reach #1 best selling book in the U.K. and Australia in 24 hrs and #6 in the U.S.

1,000 euros!

At the moment, it would go towards the Networking Event, and Masterclass I am going to in Cancun in February.

unaccompanied concert

Edwin Starr