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kellyann ord
The Story

I’m trying to end celebrity scams.

Best advice given

keep it real and never break a promise

Business day

one day at a time, and believe in what your doing

Mind yourself...

keep it real and never break a promise

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

Connecting with a scammer and gathering information that will help me stop people from losing everything.

Funniest moment

Trying to work out how to do youtube. My friends have had hours of fun watching me.

ask for help, and listen when you get it

A younger you?
Bill liao and john legere
anthem for business

fight song
Because every day I’m finding people being scammed, and no matter how crushed and broken they are , they fight to be ok, I’ve seen more strength and determination from these people i never knew possible

"why" For business

I was scammed and lost everything, and knew i couldnt be ok unless i did everything to stop this

other jobs

nursing  and mum to 3 two with complex servier autism


Im a people pleaser.i give everything i can

i dont know ..i know i should . but honestly i dont

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

autism and stopping scammer

get into your industry honest, and never judge

People can find you

twitter, instargram, a very bad web page  and facebook thats coming soon(i did have it set and going but was reported by scammers as a scam.. and when i work it out i have youtube set up ready to go

gone with the wind
song to tell your story
Tubthumping (I Get Knocked Down)
interesting facts

I can’t wink, and I’m dyslexic
I am a true crime fend
I’m scared of being scared, so id does anything to beat the fear ( skydive, swim with sharks, probs but spiders, nope, I’m ok living with that fear).

1,000 euros!

my  kids

unaccompanied concert

bon jovi