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Laura McDonald
The Story

I was looking for a name that reflected peace, and the word Eden came up on the tv once. I also loved it as my mums name was Denise, and I try to name, or letters from her name, into my work.

Best advice given

You fail at 100% of the opportunities you don’t grab

Business day

Get up, show up, be your best

Mind yourself...

I am not great at this, despite lecturing others on it. I try to take time for self care and to not be a sounding board outside the therpay room, but it’s not easy to set those boundaries.

Don’t listen to advice you didn’t ask for!

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

Setting up my school, EICH Ireland, in 2016, teaching others to be clinical hypnotherapists.

Funniest moment

Run toward what scares you. That’s where the magic is.

A younger you?
anthem for business
"why" For business

I wanted to help people help themselves, having suffered ,y own traumas over the years. The human mind is fascinating, and when you know how to master it, you suffer far less in life. I love that there is no need for ongoing therapy for months/years. We teach clients to manage their own World.

other jobs

I worked in Waitrose food shops for 11 years before training as a hypnotherapist. I also worked in a hairdresser supply factory, packing orders for salons and suppliers. I was an administrator for a cable tv company.


To guide you toward personal and professional excellence. If you have a goal in sight, I can help you realise it.

I genuinely want your success, almost as much as you do! I help you to feel motivated, which helps propel you to brilliance.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
get into your industry

Work hard, read LOADS, listen to every possible opinion about the profession, good and bad, practice practice practice!

People can find you

You can find me on my website at I also have some free relaxation audios on the world famous Insight Timer app. Just search for my name!

The impossible question!
Not really a movie buff!
song to tell your story
interesting facts
1,000 euros!
unaccompanied concert

Bros! I grew up in Wembley, so was very near to the stadium amd went to so many concerts. This was my first without parents though!