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Laura Murphy
The Story

My name is Laura Murphy and I am the founder of Love Your Life. An inspiring, creative company dedicated to the wholeness of our awakening world. Through my work I use a variety of techniques to empower people to release blocks, raise their vibration and  attune to their souls calling.
Having moved through ten years of severe chronic illness, I know all about the disconnect, the hopeless dark hole, the suffering within, but most  importantly I know how to reconnect - to get back in, when you get locked  out.
With clients and small groups, I use gentle yet powerful techniques such as yoga, meditation, chanting, sacred sound healing, EFT, coaching and holistic self-inquiry to empower people to move back into their own unique space of  wholeness.

Best advice given

Believe & hold your vision

Business day

I start with meditation, a tune in ensures I start my day from a space of balance and connection. After that it's a to do list which keeps me on track, and a nature walk which blows off the cobwebs.

Mind yourself...

Everything I offer in my business I do myself, so my wellbeing is a TOP priority in running my  business

Have FUN and the rest will come

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

When I sold my Montessori school last year to move fully into supporting people to come back into wholeness

Funniest moment

Bringing 2 classes (46 pre-schoolers) to the farm on the same day - now I can laugh, but at the time....well it moved to two trips to the farm

You are already enough

A younger you?
Gabrielle Bernstein, Oprah, Carrie Green, Rebecca Campbell
anthem for business

Rise Up by Andra Day

"why" For business

Having journeyed through so many years of illness, danced with death, had medical treatment abroad I wished I had someone who had the wealth of knowledge that I've collected and tested over the last 12 years. I started my business to create a space in which people where loved, honoured and nurtured for who they are, to empower people and support them on their journey to a space of harmony and wholeness.

other jobs

Well I started my first company at 24 and opened a Montessori school with 3 children and a staff member, building it to 46 children and 5 staff members.

I have delivered professional qualification training in Childcare, Montessori and nutrition

Prior to my school days it was retail and other peoples Montessori's


To share this knowledge and tools with as many people as possible, so they too can find  their inner space of happy. I love the ripple effect, so I'm all about community and the idea of together we rise

Me & my ability to meet people where they are at and hold a sacred space in which people can come back in to a space of being

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

I'm passionate about women, and their need to rise up in a way that is aligned with their souls calling

get into your industry

Allow your life to be your classroom. Bring the essence of your soul to your tribe, and meet them where they are at.

People can find you
Both :)
The Holiday
song to tell your story
Rise Up by Andra Day
interesting facts

I am a manifesting Queen (and I proudly wear my tiara)
I love to bake
I adore what I get to do in this world

1,000 euros!

A trip to Bali

unaccompanied concert