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Lindsey Morando
The Story
Hello Bar was founded in 2010! In 2011, our owner Neil Patel was looking for a way to collect more leads on his site. He was hiring developers and designers to create pop-ups on his site and it was costing him a ton. When he found Hello Bar, he found out how simple it was, he didn't need a developer or designer and it was a much cheaper price tag! He ended up using it, it worked really well and he ended up acquiring it.
Best advice given
If anyone tells you that you "have" to use their marketing tactic, run! It is all about soaking up all of the advice and figuring out what is best for you.
Business day
I start with an awesome podcast, usually the quote of the day show and walk to work!
Mind yourself...
Stay in my own lane! It is hard, but I really try to do that, otherwise I get distracted.
You can't give yourself your own haircut even if you are the best hair stylist in the world.
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
12 years ago, as the Marketing Director for a restaurant chain. I created a promotion that increased revenue by 50% in one evening. It inspires me to this day!
Funniest moment
So many! A few years back we had a law client who practiced divorce law and business law. On their website on the business law page, I displayed a Hello Bar pop up about divorce! Definitely the wrong message at the wrong time.
Stay in your lane, only own a business where you feel you can be 100% real and your true self.
A younger you?
So many! Marie Forleo, Oprah, Shonda Rhimes
anthem for business
aloe blacc I'm the man
"why" For business
When I did have a business it was to simplify business and marketing for people! I think it is super overwhelming out there, I am super passionate about simplifying the process for people.
other jobs
So many lol! I have been the Director of Marketing for a restaurant chain, fitness facility to now Hello Bar. I owned my own business for many years and also helped to manage and open lululemon stores.
Super passionate about supporting other business owners in making sure they don't feel alone in their journey. I want to ensure that in everything I do, I make it as simple as possible for them.
As long as I am speaking and connecting, I am a happy gal!
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
I used to love volunteering at the hospital. I am working on finding my new mission in San Diego! Right now I am loving mentoring young women in our company and supporting them in achieving their career goals!
get into your industry
It's all about experience. Take jobs that help you grow and learn. The more practical experience you have, the better!
People can find you
The Intern
song to tell your story
Get Back Up Again from the Trolls!
interesting facts
I wrote a book! I was a college marketing professor. I used to play the Oboe.
1,000 euros!
Creating an awesome meditation area in my home!
unaccompanied concert
I can't remember lol!