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Lisa-Nicole Dunne
The Story

When you have a clear sense of purpose or belief that underpins all you do, or guides you as a business and unifies you as a team, it is really powerful. I have seen this in action many times.  I was thinking about a mantra, or manifesto, or decree or belief, as core to what we help organisations bring out, their purpose.
Mantra means sanskrit, which quite literally means ‘thought behind speech or action’. Mantra, a guiding star.

Best advice given

Place a value on your time, your experience and your offering and price accordingly.

Business day

Separate the urgent from the important, so that you don't just chase your tail all day.  And default your computer to open in calendar not email.

Mind yourself...

I work to the rhythm of family life so I enjoy a lot of flexibility. I always book days off in advance (even if some end up being a pipe dream). That is psychologically helpful. And I am so fortunate that I get to pick projects that energise me.

What is for you won't go by you. Just helps keep you sane.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

I started Mantra Strategy just last year mid pandemic. My proudest moment so far was taking stock and realising that I have already built a hugely successful business and every customer I had in the first three months has been back for more.

Funniest moment
A younger you?
Sr. Stan. Bill and Melinda. Warren Buffet. You see the pattern!
anthem for business

I believe the children are our future...
Because Mantra is about leadership development, changing the world for the better, helping organisations and teams make a big impact, and we do that all for our children and their children.

"why" For business

So many people suggested to me over the years getting started myself, and I never wanted to, I wanted the paycheck handed to me each month. However, I decided this was the perfect way to balance the demands at home better, working for someone compassionate (that's me), and getting to cherry pick the projects and work that I absolutely adore. Not looking back.

other jobs

I have worked for BMW, Carphone Warehouse, UNICEF Ireland, Irish Life and Permanent, Focus Ireland, and CMRF Crumlin before going it alone. Most jobs were senior customer management roles, or sales and marketing director roles, and was CEO at CMRF Crumlin which was a career highlight.


Leave the world better than you found it.

We are a quality consulting firm with specialism in strategic branding and positioning around purpose, CSR, culture, strategic partnerships and growth and idea hacking.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

So many! I run The Lunchtime Circle which is a think tank for charities and social enterprises. I am a passionate advocate for Autism, and work with AsIAm CEO Adam Harris. I am passionate about diversity and inclusion and gender equality and empowering young females. I am a proud supporter of several charities with my longest standing direct debit being to Nurture Africa where it all began for me.

get into your industry

Build a strong network, keep connected with people, get varied experience along the way.

People can find you or

True Lies
song to tell your story
We are the world
interesting facts

I used to drive a bus in Australia
I used to drive the 98FM thunders
I studies Literature of the American South and History of the American South

1,000 euros!

A load of Mise or other clothes and treats.

unaccompanied concert

Something happens