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Lucy O'Reilly
The Story
LucyDesigns was born out of a long-time ambition to become a graphic designer and repeated requests for posters, fliers and websites from organisations I was involved with. It started as hobby, now I design websites and other digital and print assets for small businesses, arts organisations and entrepreneurs.
Best advice given
Know your worth!
Business day
Make a list!
Mind yourself...
I mind myself by setting targets and timelines so that I don't try and do everything at the same time time.
Do what makes you happy.
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
No major moments but always proud when a website goes live or a client tells me he/she is getting great feedback on work I have done for them
Funniest moment
I was asked what my hourly rate was when I hadn't a clue - I fudged it!
Don't be afraid, just go for it. It's all experience and even if you end up looking for a day-job, you'll have heaps to talk about!
A younger you?
Mary Robinson, Michelle Obama
anthem for business
Can I come back to this?? (like the guys on the dating apps who don't want to fill in their profiles!)
"why" For business
The why for starting my business is that I love what I do, I know I am good at what I do and I can be of help to people who want beautiful and effective designs for their business or organisation
other jobs
Event management, PR, marketing, communications
My personal mission is to be able to provide for myself and my children. My professional ambition is to make a success of my business and to achieve my highest potential.
Good question! I have been told that I am the only designer who talks in plain English!
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
Not particularly.
get into your industry
Keep up to date with ongoing tech advancements. Keep learning. Be nice to people.
People can find you
ET (not really, but it's all I can think of!)
song to tell your story
I will survive!
interesting facts
I lived in Paris for 12 years I have sung on stage with Andrea Bocelli I used to organise events all over the globe
1,000 euros!
A holiday with my 3 boys
unaccompanied concert
Simple Minds, Croke Park 1986?