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Marie Devane
The Story

I had been working in Talent Acquisition for Medtronic Vascular in Galway.  In this role I carried out many interviews at all levels and managed a Team of HR Business Partners to execute the company’s Talent Strategy.

I was regularly shocked to interview such high calibre candidates for various roles who had not prepared for their interview and thus were unsuccessful in securing the role.  So, these candidates met all of the required criteria and in some cases exceed the criteria for the role but did not prepare examples of their competencies nor did they manage to market themselves during the interview.  I was very passionate about helping and supporting candidates to put their best self forward and

thus wanted to provide this service in the market place.  I knew what employers were looking for, I knew how to spot the gaps, I know how to dissect a job description and I certainly knew how to motivate and encourage people.  I felt who   better to provide this service and fill this market gap than me.

In 2009 I left my role to pursue my passion, and took the leap of opening my own Career Coaching Services business.  I successful completed a Career Coaching Diploma with Career Decisions Ireland/Dublin Institute of Technology.  This qualification coupled with an MSc in Human Resource Leadership + 20 years experience in Human Resource Management meant I was good to go.  And go is what I did.  I launched my business in my local near- by Village and there was such a turnout of friends and colleagues.  Everyone was behind me but not sure what I was doing at the same time.  But I knew I could make a difference, I knew that this was my passion and I was going to follow it.  I did some brainstorming with my husband and our two children who were 12 and 14 at the time.  The purpose of this brainstorming was to choose a name and a slogan for my business.  This was great fun and allowed them to get involved and to be part of my new and exciting journey.  They also learned a lot about what I wanted to do and how I was going to go about it.  Out of that came Devane Careers and “putting your best foot forward”.  I knew for sure I could deliver on this slogan and this is what I was going to be about:  helping people put their best foot forward!

I started out as a Sole Trader but quickly realised that a Limited Company was the best way forward for me so I registered my company in 2012.

I have now coached a wide variety of professionals across every Sector.  I have worked with many Graduates and many 2nd and 3rd level students to provide guidance and direction.  I have developed considerably as a Career Coach and continue to reflect on my practice. I LOVE WHAT I DO. Check out what my clients say about my services.

Best advice given

“Listen to the grey haired people”.  This is so true, you have got to listen to experience, to someone who has done it, to someone who has experienced business. They will tell it as it is, the ups and downs, the challenges and the successes.

Business day

Preparation is key, know what is ahead of you and prepare for it.  I will have meetings set up and I will research the necessary information so that I am in the zone for each client.

Mind yourself...

I live near by a beautiful woodland and I walk with my little dog “Millie” most days at a suitable time. This allows me to clear my head for what is next.  It is my psychological decluttering time.  Of course the fresh air and the exercise is a great help.

“Take time out for you”  This is so important because your business can suck you in and take you over if you don’t have other interests, hobbies and fun things to do.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

There have been many but one was when a client I coached rang me and said:

“You have changed my life and I am so glad I found you”

Funniest moment

When I wore navy tights with a black skirt.  I was conscious of it all day and ended up pointing it out to a female client.  We had a great laugh.

I would tell a younger me starting business to “go for it” but possibly enlist a business partner or buy in from a large corporation.

A younger you?
Gavin Duffy and Orlaith Carmody as a couple but also as individuals. Their story is amazing, their passion for business is inspiring and they reach out and help so many people.
anthem for business

“I will survive”  I love this song and sometimes business is about surviving.

Keeping going, overcoming challenges, overcoming quite periods and moving forward.

"why" For business

My passion to help others progress, improve, move forward, build confidence, have courage and overcome challenges in their career.

other jobs

Worked in my local post office and shop for the Summers while in school. Spent over 20 years at Medtronic Vascular Galway holding various Human Resource roles. My  last role was head of Talent Acquisition for the company.


My personal and professional missions are strikingly alike: To help and support others in their career and life while continuing to develop myself.

My unique selling point is “Me”.  Its my approach, my personality, my energy, my impact on others and how I make them feel.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

Yes, I am passionate about my community and I am involved in various committees to offer my support.  I am currently secretary of Tobar Padraig Cemetery Group.

get into your industry

My original Industry was Human Resources and I would advise them to complete the CIPD degree in Human Resource Management, then to get an Internship opportunity  in Human Resources.  Continue to develop professionally from there.

People can find you
Dog – “Millie” – bichon fries
Shawshank Redemption – I loved The power of determination Morgan Freeman displayed in this film.
song to tell your story
The Isle of Innisfree – I love Ireland, I love home.
interesting facts

I gather sea shells from every beach I visit

I love GAA and go to lots of games

I love to take photographs to capture the moment – landscape and people

1,000 euros!

I would spend it on a new suite of furniture.

unaccompanied concert

“The Boss” – Slane Castle 1985 – oh sorry it was meant to be but I wasn’t allowed go