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Melanie Boylan
The Story
Melanie Boylan of STOMP Social Media Training has been training, supporting and managing clients Social Media Platforms since 2013.
Best advice given
Define yourself, don't let others do it for you. Be Limitless
Business day
Write it out, set yourself goals and stop always looking at social notifications!
Mind yourself...
I digitally detox at weekends!
You will go through ups and downs but be true to yourself, friends and family and you won't fail.
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
When I won the Micro Biz Awards in 2018 for being the best Business to Business company
Funniest moment
I have arrived a week early for a Public Training event - oops!
Ignore the haters - there's less of them than there are people who respect and love you
A younger you?
Lots of people have inspired me. Not just in business though. My main inspiration would be my Mum and my children, My Mum for her hard working ethic and outright honesty and my kids for the sheer wonderment in everything they do.
anthem for business
Let's get on. Cos its funky...
"why" For business
I am an accidental entrepreneur. A Magician talked me into it...
other jobs
Insurance Advisor Breeding animals for medical research... Civilian Custody Officer - UK Administrator in a Women's Refuge All the jobs no one wants really.....
I want to enable and empower business owners to do their own social media and have a better understanding of this fast moving aspect of their business. If they don't want to do it however, I'll do it for them.
I'm honest to the point I don't get the work at times.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
I am passionate about several charities but mostly anything to do with children.
get into your industry
Become an excellent trainer, study hard at digital marketing courses, then throw it all away as its out of date already and keep up to date as much as you can following influencers and learning from your own hard graft.
People can find you

Visit for details and all my social channels

Always cat
Watership Down
song to tell your story
Boy George - Chameleon
interesting facts
I flew a Chinnock when I was 16 I was in Mrs Doubtfire at the RDS in 2014 I can twist my tongue
1,000 euros!
Paying off my car...
unaccompanied concert