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Melody Chadamoyo
The Story
When I started talking about starting a business about love coaching and I asked my kids what they thought, they said, let's call it Heart Candy Institute because I put sweetness back into people's hearts. It was a great name but heart candy was taken so we ended up choosing Heart Passion Institute.
Best advice given

Someone told me to contact Samantha when I told them I was finding it difficult to find leads. Best advice I have gotten so far.

Business day
Be organised and have a plan of action.
Mind yourself...
I do something I enjoy everyday and laugh with my family.
My dad told me that you should always know why I am doing something. When you know why then you take action that serves you. He also said a woman should always be financially independent.
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
When someone approached me to tell me they need me and just signed up to be my client.
Funniest moment
I copied code onto my site and my site crushed. Had to ask for help because I had no idea what was wrong.
It gets better just keep going.
A younger you?
Oprah. Brendan Burchard, Danny Iny, Suzanne Evans,
anthem for business
Chicken soup in a song by India Arie
"why" For business
I want to see people enjoy their relationships and alleviate unnecessary pain and suffering. I want to provide financially security to my family.
other jobs
Teacher & Librarian.
My mission is to empower energy conscious women and men to create intimate highly fulfilling relationships for the greater good of humanity.
I help women heal from past life experience pain, connect to the heart and love themselves and then start creating love with others. You can't give what you don't have.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
Anything that empowers women. Children's safety and well being. building libraries in Zimbabwe
get into your industry
I believe you need life experience to get into my industry.
People can find you
Waiting to exhale
song to tell your story
I hope you dance by Lee Ann Womack
interesting facts

I was named when my mom was 3 months pregnant I survived being poisoned at 8 After giving up being a mom because of miscarriages, I moved to Ireland, had a baby within a year and became a widow a decade later.

1,000 euros!
Buy a laptop to help me write my book. Buy business books and pay my VA.
unaccompanied concert
Sipho Makabane