Michelle Keenan
The Story

mmkagency.com is a full service agency. I love to help people and advise them as I am trained and have a BA 2:1(hons) degree I decided to start up the agency as a place where I can help and advise people. Through my knowledge and what I have learnt through my years in the industry.

Best advice given
Don’t allow anyone to tell you that “you can’t do it” everything is possible if you work hard enough.
Business day

Know exactly your target audience and have a clear and concise plan.

Mind yourself...
I make sure to turn off my phone and spend time with my family. It’s important to look after yourself as no one else will.

You are stronger than you know!

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
Setting up the agency
Funniest moment
I’ve had quite a few!
It’s important to listen to others who have well established businesses. You do not know everything and can learn a lot.
A younger you?
There have been several strong woman who have inspired me. I was lucky to intern with Caroline Kennedy of Kenndy PR and she is an inspiration and Samantha of course.
anthem for business
I don’t think I could I have one yet !
"why" For business
To be able to do what I love on my terms and be able to do it from wherever I might be. To provide people with a service that they can rely on and not cost a fortune.
other jobs
Journalist, Radio Presenter and TV presenter.
To offer my clients outstanding service on whatever their budget is.
With over 13 years experience and expertise we pride ourselves on being well connected, meticulous to detail while offering our clients an outstanding service while building a great reputation.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
I am passionate about helping others and making change happen now wishing for it to happen. Dreams don’t come true unless you work for them.
get into your industry
Do as many internships as you can in the area you are in as you will lean more than you’ll ever expect. Also make contacts and keep in touch with those contacts. Even if it’s just as simple as a Christmas card.
People can find you
I can be contacted on www.mmkagency.com or can be emailed at support@mmkagency.com
song to tell your story
I don’t think it’s out yet .......
interesting facts

I am disabled but that doesn’t set me back. 

I am quite shy 

I am not an animal person.

1,000 euros!
I would spend it improving my business.
unaccompanied concert
Britney Spears