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Miriam Kilmurry
The Story

It was my maternal grandmother who gave me the name 'Miri' and as I hit my 40s, I realised clients of all nationalities seemed to like it. It ties together my SME work as a voice and performance coach in corporate language training, voice coaching and broadcasting. So this year, I decided to incorporate the name Miri as part of my Miriam Kilmurry Services logo. I'll be publishing more books under 'Miri' and an online Saturday TV and radio programme, 'Miri at Midday' is on the way. So, I think I may be moving to just one name in the future. We'll see how it goes.

Best advice given

Follow your gut instinct and always build rapport with the client.

Business day

Oh, there are so many answers to this question but for me it's about identifying the basics for getting your business day underway. For me that's eating a good breakfast and, because we are all shackled to our computers, just making sure to put my head outside that door to simply breathe in the air for a few minutes. It gives me a chance to gather my thoughts. This helps me hugely because like so many women, I end up breaking off and organising other people through out the day. I'm also finding more and more that my eyes need to start the day with natural daylight. Outside of this, working from a physical diary is important, I advise not putting private client information or training online). Customise one to your own specifications. Mine is based on a stage managers 'Prompt Book' and is my production bible. I get the day underway by drawing on my stage background. I basically cue the show for the day. The script and training for the client on one side of the book with notes etc on the other, there are contact lists, business expenses, emergency numbers etc., all written in pencil.

Mind yourself...

In my case, my physical well being (e.g. eye strain) has to be managed, so I need to prioritise that more today than a decade a go. I think it's really good to do a work related well being check every now and then and your nearest and dearest are the best people to consult. They notice things!

Follow your gut instinct and build rapport. You see, for both of the above categories, I feel I never really had 'good advice' suited to what I do, and I feel this is because the people giving the advice have taken the view that they are strictly providing a service but in my line of work, coaching, to treat your business as strictly a service means you will struggle to get referrals. You have to learn to trust your gut instinct, have faith in your experience and training and carry that into a one-to-one consultations with a client. In my experience they automatically respond and you will build trust. When they have confidence in you, they in turn make progress. In other words, you sell yourself first, then the service.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

Producing a service and delivering it at short notice is something I'm good at. The proudest moment was managing to open a business two weeks after my dad died. Something that could cancel.

Funniest moment

Probably, trying to hold back laughter at an inappropriate moment.

Oh dear. I'm afraid, this is more a piece of advice for our daughters. Keep the name you're born with because this thing called 'social media' will present endless difficulties if you change it, remarry or indeed wish to change back to your maiden name.

A younger you?
My mother, and Gertrude Bell.
anthem for business

Well my choice here would be a motivational theme song, Carly Simon's - Nobody Does it Better.

"why" For business

My 'why' for starting a business is first of all ask yourself if you like being your own boss. Secondly, are you willing to take the calculated risk of going solo, if so do it.

other jobs

I am a singer and was a professional singer for 11 years. In the 1980s, I trained as a corporate language trainer with Berlitz Paris, and from there moved further into the world of coaching. After completing my Masters in English in 2012, I began writing novels and have published two.


To provide a road map so that my client can build in confidence as a public speaker.

Building rapport and finding solutions that work for clients.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

No one particular one.

get into your industry

Educate yourself in what you are talented in first. Then all else will fall into place.

People can find you
Lawrence of Arabia and The Wizard of OZ
song to tell your story
Nobody Does it Better - Carly Simon.
interesting facts

As a child I lived a while in Nigeria.

As a teenager I escaped Iran during a summer visit in 1978 as the revolution took hold.

As an Irish woman, like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ, I believe There is No Place like home

1,000 euros!

I'd treat the husband to a concert with his favour band, Rush.

unaccompanied concert

Oh Sorry this is a hard one. A lunchtime concert I think. I'm generally accompanied.