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Moira Dunne
The Story is a productivity consultancy based in Dublin. I help people boost their Productivity and Time Management skills so that they: • Feel less stressed at the end of the day • Get more done • Are happy about their contribution I started in 2017 in response to increasing stress and 'busyness' in the workplace. I researched and developed a set of Productivity and Time Management tips, skills & techniques to help people take back control of their work day and get the most important things done. Through Seminars, Training & Coaching I have worked with many businesses and individuals to help them make real changes.

Best advice given

Go the extra mile.

Business day

Make a plan, preferably the day before so you can hit the ground running first thing in the morning even before your brain sharpens up.

Mind yourself...

I am very conscious of balance. I know when I'm overdoing it - sometimes I have to force myself to take time off even if I son;t want to. I find having strong compelling projects to do outside of work really helps with balance.

Be nice to people but be assertive too when you need to be.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

Establishing my own brand ( after years of working on projects with other companies.

Funniest moment

Turning up in the wrong hotel to deliver a training course, getting the room all set up and then wondering why the hotel staff were confused! Luckily I always start early so I still had time to move hotel and start again. Phew!

Do as much ground work beforehand before you lose your regular income.

A younger you?
Sonia O'Sullivan - not just for her athletic prowess but for the way she came back from adversity to win a silver medal in the Olympics. Most female leaders inspire me because it is so hard to break the glass ceiling.
anthem for business

Friday I'm in Love, The Cure

"why" For business

Thinking about what I was good at and how I could pass my knowledge and skills on to others so that their work lives could be more productive.

other jobs

Research Scientist in Glaxo, Pharmaceutical industry IT Trainer in Friends First, Project Manager in Health Products Regulatory Authority Training Associate Hosca Best one of all - waitress in Manhattan during summer break from college in the '80's


Just do it!

Helping people get more done by being able to really under stand their world and their requirements.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

I have just been asked to join the board of the Make a Wish foundation, I am privileged and excited to take on this role as I have experienced first hand the magic the foundation can create for children battling life threatening illness. My own daughter Maeve fought Leukemia between ages 7 and 10. During this time we had an amazing wish granted (a meeting with the band The Script) and it lifted the whole family, It was the first positive experience she had as a result of being sick.

get into your industry

Get lots of experience, read lots and then go for it!

People can find you

Malahide for coffee and a chat!

Mobile: 086-8189719


Twitter: @beproductive_ie




Pretty Woman
song to tell your story
If you could see me now by The Script
interesting facts

I am a Biochemist

I love The Dubs

I am writing a book about the GAA All-Stars

1,000 euros!


unaccompanied concert

The Police in Augsburg Germany in 1982