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Muriel Cuddy
The Story

My qualifications are in business development, strength and conditioning and nutrition and health. These areas are not only areas I am qualified in but, it's how I live my life. I grew up around a combination of work ethic and sport. I guess combining the 2 was inevitable! I never really considered starting my own business until my father suddenly passed away at 69 on the operating table while under-going a triple bypass. It was almost  like his death was the trigger I needed to think about combining my skills, knowledge and passion to start and run a business in the health and well-being space. I felt that nobody should end up like my dad. I felt a proactive long-term approach to healthcare was desperately needed.

Best advice given

Timing is everything.

Business day

Get in early. I find the best and most productive part of my day is between 6-9 am. I get more done during those 3 hours than any other part of the day.

Mind yourself...

I remind myself that I am human, there is only so much I can do. I set myself a list of goals each day, I try my best to tick each one off the list as I go along. If I don't get it all done, I don't beat myself up about it. Instead of spending the evening with my head buried in my laptop, I'll  go for a run or spend time with my family. The benefits of a healthy work life balance cannot be overstated.

Don't dwell on mistakes, learn from them and move on.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

Seeing my team wearing our HAWI logo as they work in large companies spreading the Health and Wellness International message.

Funniest moment

Going to a meeting with no shoes! I'm normally barefoot while driving, I'll leave my heels out the night before and pop them in the car in the morning. One morning I forgot to bring the heels, I had to stop on the way to the meeting and buy a pair of heels. I parked directly outside the shop and ran in barefoot. So embarrassing!

Do it sooner. Don't delay thinking about the pitfalls, just try it an see. If it works, it works. If it doesn't so what.

A younger you?
It would have to be my father. Seeing him build and grow the family business. The work, dedication and passion he had for leading people and driving a business was nothing short of inspirational.
anthem for business

Take it easy on yourself by Don Williams:

There's two hundred people pushin' up daisies,
In the graveyard out back of the old Baptist church,
There were some schemers. some sinners and dreamers,
and not one died wishin' they spent more time at work,
Take it easy on yourself,
The world will keep turnin'.

"why" For business

It was problem solution. I saw a gap in our healthcare system. It was reactive rather than proactive. For example you'd pay your healthcare provider each month and would only use the service when you got ill. It didn't make sense to me at all. I felt we needed a health and wellness service that would prevent people from getting ill.

other jobs

I have worked in sports, coaching, business development and nutrition.


To make Ireland the global capital for corporate health and wellness.

Our unique selling point is that we provide a 360 service. We not only conduct health screens and wellness evaluations but we provide the aftercare support follow-up and education. We combine both physical and mental wellness in one service. We also come to you, we work on site. This is convenient for employers but allows employees to feel more comfortable in an environment they are familiar with.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

The promotion of leading a healthier, happier and more active lifestyle.

get into your industry

I was advise them to conduct research into their target market. I would ask them to make sure they had the right product, in the right place and the right time for the right price.

People can find you
Dog! No contest.
Silence of the Lambs
song to tell your story
Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want to Have Fun
interesting facts

I run 2 businesses while looking after 4 children, a husband and a dog!
I jumped out of a plane at 1000 feet for charity
I played camogie for Tipperary but I'm a Waterford woman!

1,000 euros!

Straight to Kildare village!

unaccompanied concert