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Naomi Hopkins (nee Doyle)
The Story
Huskador Consulting & Coaching - Passionate about improving business and personal performance In 2016 I took the opportunity of redundancy and decide to take a break form a long corporate career and set up my own consultancy business : Huskador Consulting & Coaching When I started going out on my own I wanted a brand name that meant something to me but could relate to business too. The name started as a joke. I’m also a dog trainer and always find the ‘breed names’ that people give their cross breed dogs really amusing. When I adopted a Husky X Lab , called Hubert ( the love of my life - sorry husband!), My training team started calling him a Huskador for fun . I was playing around with business names and brainstorming with a few friends and they suggested 'Huskador' They were kind enough to suggest that the mixture of the two breed characteristics were like me personally. Husky’s are determined, strong, driven, keen to move forward. They’re both independent but also like to work as part of a pack. Labrador retrievers are caring, friendly and fun. I took the comparison as a complement and I’m happy to own it ! The logo is a ‘Huskador’ and made up of pieces , symbolising connecting things / jigsaw effect of change and person and professional development (deep hey ?!)
Best advice given
- Believe in yourself and what you’ve achieved so far, take that forward. - Be careful what you put in a proposal. You need just enough to sell your services but without giving them the answers - why would they pay for you to do something that they now can just do themselves. - you know when you have 'that person' that you see coming to a meeting an you dread it ..... you think to yourself ...they're a wagon , they're difficult etc etc . Try and re-frame it less negatively - they're here and they think differently , so how can we make this work . ( its a hard one to practice sometimes) - Always ask the question and for the opportunities - what's the worst that can happen ? You'll get a no, and a no just leaves you in the same place you are now , but what if you got a yes ??!
Business day
I work a lot from my home office and I try to get dressed vs sitting in my PJs , just jeans and a top. and your bra ! Makes you feel more professional ha ha Make sure the dog does not have a squeaky toy any where near the room you're doing a conference or video call in.
Mind yourself...
The joys of your own business: I don't feel I have to take every job. If I meet someone that I think is going to be very hard to work with or 'not open' seriously consider is it worth the pain of working with them ? Will it help me develop ? Will I get good referrals ? I am quite good at looking after myself and self reflection, so it comes naturally but having a good person to run things past is a life line
- What other people say or think about you is none of your business. ! - Don’t compare yourself to others, you have no idea what they’re really doing vs how good their spin is. - this works for business and personal life. Don't take any crap , but pick your battle and be kind. You never know what someone has been through or when you'll meet them again ( maybe even in a future job !) - if you go out with ( and marry) a farmer, don't whinge when you don't go on holidays and the sheep come first !
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
First retainer ( paid !) post corporate life. It was a referral from someone I had worked to to a board they sat on. Made me realise I did know what I was talking about and I was useful to others
Funniest moment
I don't know if I should even admit this I was working on public speaking / corporate presentation training with a ex professional sportsman and I missed his call. I text him back "Sorry I missed your call, my phone was in my ( auto correct / typo) my bra" I still blush thinking about it . Then to make matters worse I panicked and text him back "sorry I meant bag not bra " I knew I had to face him the next day and was dreading it , mortified. Couldn't look him in the eyes for about half an hour. What's worse my friend told my now husband that it happened and every time he's on TV or I'm speaking to him on the phone he pipes up " go on talk to him about your bra again"
Go for it ! and don't kick yourself to hard for mistakes. Take a learning from it and move on
A younger you?
mmmm I'm going to think about this one
anthem for business
I'm going to think about this one too.
"why" For business
Opportunity to take a break and set up my own business post corporate restructure and redundancy. Why not do it for myself (with others) vs doing it for someone else !
other jobs
Customer service; Product and brand management; Trainer; Communications & events manager; Employee engagement and well being manager; continuous improvement manager; HR & comms consultant ; Change consultant ; Leadership, Exec and transformational coach Oh and I packed tights and ran a cocktail bar on a Greek island ( not at the same time ha ha !) For 20+ years I have been involved in change and continuous improvement in some form, Through training, consulting and coaching driving strategy and improvement across organisations and individual personal development. . I have been involved in the Medical Device, FMCG, Tech and Financial Service industries and now run my own consultancy and coaching practice. I have extensive experience across business as usual activities, continuous improvement programmes, large restructure, change and relocation programmes. Including designing, leading , managing and delivering change strategy, communications, employee engagement, leadership and management development, employee wellbeing , continuous improvement and training initiatives. I work with individuals , executive boards, management teams and front line staff. I am passionate about helping teams and individuals to strengthen their skills, foster a positive employee culture and supportive communications that support organisational and individual goals and development.
To help others improve their business and/or personal performance.
I should have a good one of these I with work people to do their's ! I'm good at change and guiding people through change. It's not always comfortable but I'm good at recognising the challenges and the opportunities
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
Animal welfare
get into your industry
For consulting and coaching you need experience in a few jobs and industries ( I believe it stands to you more) Do the corporate job experience the good and bad managers. From above Always ask the question and for the opportunities - what's the worst that can happen ? You'll get a no, and a no just leaves you in the same place you are now , but what if you got a yes ??!
People can find you
Both .... they've both got their uique personalities . I can only have dogs at the moment ( Hughie is a cat hunter)
to many ....
song to tell your story
I'm thinking about it...
interesting facts

I am seriously afraid of clowns
I started out as a science graduate but have both a logical and creative side.
I really want to do a parachute jump but hate flying
I love cars

1,000 euros!
I don't really want anything in particular right now and I should really spend it on baby things .... as I've one on the way . But I might buy myself something nice instead because this pregnancy thing isn't easy
unaccompanied concert
INXS - in the point depot a very very long time ago