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Niamh Carolan
The Story

Carolan Coaching is based off of my name. It is personal. I am so passionate about what I do in the clarity coaching space that I wanted to put my name to it. I have been working on setting up my own business for years, it's been a journey full of ups and downs, twists and turns but I wouldn't change it. It is me, it is my name.

Best advice given

Things in business do not happen to you, they happen for you.

Business day

Listen to your gut and keep asking why.

Mind yourself...

I make time for myself away from the business. I believe that good work comes from good feeling so it's important to look after yourself and step away from the screen.

Being yourself is the only way to live purposefully.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

When I finished my first 4-week programme with a client and could see positive change in her that ended up opening new doors and opportunities in her career and life.

Funniest moment

I'm not sure I have one yet but will keep you posted!

Your ideas are good. Trust in yourself. Seek good advice. Read more.

A younger you?
My mum, she's an amazing business woman who inspires me everyday.
anthem for business

Oh gosh, I couldn't choose just one - everyday is different and for me needs a different theme tune.

"why" For business

I want to create clarity and freedom of thought for people. I know how hard it is to be stuck on a negative loop and feel like your just existing and I want to give people the tools to set themselves on a purposeful and positive track. I also want to create a business for myself that becomes part of my lifestyle. A lifestyle I wish to be flexible and varied.

other jobs

I was a marketing manager and had my own marketing and content business. I was also a personal assistant, restaurant manager and events manager.


I wish to help people break free of the barriers they create for themselves through thought. To become aware and understand that they are in control of their thoughts and what they can create. The results can be outstanding once you master this.

When you work with me you are working with someone who has been where you are. We work through what you are feeling together, I am your support. When we work together it is not you, it is not me - it's WE.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

Anything to do with animals and wildlife.

get into your industry

Coaching is a broad field so it is important to be firm on your beliefs and message no matter how intangible it may seem to some. Your uniqueness is your superpower so don't be afraid to use it.

People can find you

I am very active on Instagram @niamhcarolanclarity & LinkedIn. You can also find me on other social platforms and my website. I work mainly online so if it's digital you'll find me there.

Dog - but I do love cats.
Stepbrothers - feel good & funny!
song to tell your story
interesting facts

I am half German
I have broken my collarbones 3 times
My dog Ray is treated like an actual human baby

1,000 euros!

More consultancy and training for me as a business owner - there are so many amazing professionals out there that I would love to learn from.

unaccompanied concert

Wallis Bird in Dublin - Magical!