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Nicola Uí Chonghaile-Bhroin
The Story
I AM are the two most powerful words you can ever use in a sentence because what you say after I AM is what you become! I AM an Empowerment Specialist. I help my clients become the best possible version of themselves.
Best advice given
Show up as your authentic self consistently and persistently in every setting - the people who are supposed to be doing business with you will be magnetized towards you.
Business day
Self care routine every morning - meditation, gratitude, positive affirmations, journalling & setting an intention for the kind of day I AM going to have.
Mind yourself...
Invest in myself regularly, keep a positive tribe around me that share my vision, eat clean food so I stay on top of my game, know when to take a break and lead by example. Talk the talk and walk the walk.
When people show you who they are, believe them.
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
Watching my clients break through barriers they have always struggled with and them stepping fully into who they have always wanted to be. Being part of helping a person's dream come true, reaching their full potential and watching them bloom is a feeling I can't truly describe yet.
Funniest moment
Just before I entered the room at my last workshop, I was all miked up and ready to go. I started telling the person beside me I was very nervous. I heard my voice through the speaker in the next room where all of the attendees were! Then I said an expletive! Then I repeatedly said 'They can hear me, they can hear me!'. And they could! Oh the mortification of it all! So embarrassing!
People will always judge you, pay no attention as they are not paying your mortgage and they don't share your pillow. Do it anyway. Don't let one single solitary person or situation get in the way of you, your vision of what you want to create or your dreams. They are only trying to blow your candle out but what they don't know is they will fan your flames. Let it rip & be all you can be girl, sooner!
A younger you?
Oprah Winfrey, Gary Zukav, Iyanla Vanzant, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Bob Proctor, Louise L. Haye, Eckhart Tolle, Sr. Consillio, Tony Robbins, Brené Brown, Steve Harvey & Lisa Nicholls. I could go on!
anthem for business
'Unconditionally' by Katie Perry IS the theme song for my business. This is the song that is played before I enter the room at my workshops. I want every client of mine to be able to sing that song to themselves, about themselves. The song if sang this way encourages you to love yourself unconditionally.
"why" For business
The reason why I started my business is because I have had to empower myself out of some pretty dark situations on more than one occasion. I don't ever want another person to have to stay unhappy for longer than absolutely necessary. I built a tool box which allows people to empower themselves out of whatever they are stuck in. I help people who feel stuck both personally and professionally, by giving them the tools and the motivation to boost their confidence to become the best possible version of themselves. Our unhappiness is sent to us to learn from, strengthen us and move on. Don't live in unhappiness, learn from it. Look back to learn but don't stare. Life is supposed to be easy, joyful, happy, fun, exciting. We are supposed to be happy in our relationships and careers. Life is too short to settle for anything less. If you have a problem and all you need to do is take action, then the problem goes away. Every empowerment tool I have put together is action orientated.
other jobs
I have had so many diverse careers! I was the Executive Officer for the Political Science Department in Trinity College Dublin. I was hired by Microsoft to be part of the team that launched Xbox in Asia. I was Operations Manager of an IT Company called Centric IT. I was a sales rep for Cara Computers. I started answering the phones in Cara at the tender age of 19 and worked my way up from there.
There is no line where I end and my career starts. I AM my job. I live this lifestyle daily. My mission is that I will positively impact everyone I encounter and I will help people and businesses to see things in a completely different way. I want to help people who feel stuck both personally and professionally, by giving them the tools and the motivation to boost their confidence to become the best possible version of themselves. When people work with me, I want them to feel supported and empowered to reach their goals with resilience and authenticity. I want them to unconditionally love themselves so that they can move forward and achieve everything they’ve always wanted.
Me. I AM my USP. My passion, drive, curiorisity, determination & tenacity.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
Yes! International interests are: I have travelled to Brazil to work with the street kids in Rio. I am not long back from Kenya having helped refurbish a school for the street boys. I also had an opportunity to teach them my empowerment programme while I was there. Locally I have always fundraised for cancer charities (Irish Cancer Society, Gary Kelly Foundation & NECRET) by doing various events like Pink & Bling - this was a red carpet VIP night with topless waiters! I put together the Louth Ladies Running Group with some friends. More recently we have done Dip in the Nip for the second year running! Staying active as a community player is extremely important to me. 11 years ago I was at home, in a new town, isolated with two small kids and very depressed. To try empower myself and others in a similar situation I started a Parent & Toddler group in order to build a new network around me.
get into your industry
Study anything that can teach you about living a holistic authentic life, surround yourself with the doers and the dreamers. Gravitate towards radiators and be a radiator. Avoid drains and energy vampires. When you learn, teach. When you get, give and never EVER let anyone cut the legs from under you. You will always have people who will criticise, judge you and tell you you can't do it. Let them. Do it anyway. Stay humble. Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
People can find you
Mobile: 0879880248 Website: Email: LinkedIn: Instagram: @iampositivemindset Twitter: @IAMPMNicola Facebook: Pintrest: I AM POSITIVE MINDSET
The Quiet Man
song to tell your story
Superhero by The Script
interesting facts
I have a condition called hyperacusis which enables me to hear ten times louder than everyone else I have been photographed naked twice for charity! I have a tattoo down the length of my spine as Gaeilge stating what my core values are
1,000 euros!
Flights to go see my brother for Christmas.
unaccompanied concert
Transvision Vamp!