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Noirin Burke
The Story
McInerney Saunders have been in Swords for over 30 years and now have 50 staff. The practise is (like most accountancy practices at this stage) predominantly female led. We have an eclectic mix of clients as we have our traditional base (schools, local businesses, farms, etc) and large multinational operations from our relationship with IAPA and UK200 (thanks to being near the airport!). Everyday is different and the practice deal with everything - accounts, bookkeeping, tax, advisory, liquidations, forensic investigations, etc.
Best advice given
You have 2 ears and 1 mouth so you should spend double the time listening. Listening to your client's requirements will lead to a mutually beneficial long-term relationship rather than once off business and no connection. If you understand your client better you can deliver better service.
Business day
1. A coffee ! 2. List out the top 3 things you want to achieve in the day. 3. Try and respond to correspondence in a managed way - I do a run of responses every 2 hours rather than as they come in so I can get my top 3 things dealt with!
Mind yourself...
Myself and the team take a breakfast morning every 3 weeks for an hour or two out of the office. This develops a personal engagement with each team member and we can discuss issues that have caused problems in the last while, ideas to fix them, ideas on general items and sometimes it is just a chat. It really keeps everyone engaged and on the same page which reduces stress and keeps us ever improving our work and life balance.
Squash your inner fear -there are enough obstacles to your success without you adding to it. Take risks and let other people help you along the way!
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
We have a lot of clients who had a really hard time in the recession and barely kept above water. We stuck with them during that time and the majority of them are doing great now and involved in really exciting innovative projects, which means we are too! Also winning SME CSR employer of the Year was a great achievement last year as we have worked hard on developing the team.
Funniest moment
In the early days I went to a meeting once with two clients and one kept calling me the wrong name. I corrected her the first time but she kept doing it - I had to deal with her for 6 months and she never got my name right. Haven't let that one happen again!
Take chances - it is scary but worth it!
A younger you?
Lots of good leaders out there - I've a list as long as my arm of people on LinkedIn that I follow. Great inspiration
anthem for business
Get Back Up Again from the Trolls Soundtrack (may also be influenced by my young kids). I spend a lot of time with people/ businesses transitioning and there are many obstacles in their path. Perseverance is key!
"why" For business
I didn't start my own business but most clients do it 1) for themselves or 2) because their idea wasn't supported in another entity. You have to be personally invested in it or what is the point1
other jobs
Professionally I have been really lucky as I have been seconded in to emergency situations a lot where people have walked out so I have ended up being the financial go to person for an insurance company, hotel group, supermarkets, detention centre, chemical companies, accessory and clothes stores, etc. As an accountant people assume I sit at a desk but nothing could be further from the truth - I've had to stack shelves in the supermarkets when staff not available, over see construction build outs and generally pitch in but I think this has given me invaluable experience and insight.
To support exciting innovative people who have had the courage to take the risk in business and ensure they get their reward for doing so!
Connection : This is two fold 1) we are available when clients need us but also 2) we have worked with so many people that if you have a problem we can either solve it for you or onward refer you to someone - a client, a network connection, etc. Last year we had someone opening a business in Ireland and we indirectly set them up with everything - office, office fitout, online computing, stationery, staff, phones, etc. Everyone wins!
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
We are sponsors of the Paralympics Ireland
get into your industry
If you don't know what area of finance to get into go to a smaller company to train as you will get exposure to everything.
People can find you
Email: Phone: 01 8404029
Ever After
song to tell your story
I really like "This is Me" from the Greatest Showman
interesting facts
Hurling fanatic, lived in France for a few years and I love cake baking.
1,000 euros!
unaccompanied concert