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Roz Kelly
The Story
How To BE The offers responsive creative web design , SEO, Google Integration and Social Media Integration and Setup. FREE Consultation and Special Discounts for WIN Members. How To BE The Business beacuse you ARE the business! Roz also runs an EcoEvents website that supports local and rural SMEs in the sustainable tourism space through promotion and booking of eco active events.
Best advice given
Research, Test and Reassess (regularly).
Business day
Get up early and do some excercise - even if it's only stretches.
Mind yourself...

I practice yoga and enjoy gardening which destresses me when I've had a busy day of Google/Goggle eyes!

Do Something nice for someone else every day - a phone call with time set aside to chat to a friend or family member can really brighten their day. Also remember- no-one knows what somebody else is going through at any time so be kind.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

My proudest moment so far in business was my successful Eco Tourism tour of Ireland which I did in 2014 for my eco site

Funniest moment

You had to be there....

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Step out of your comfort zone and face challenges head on. I am an introvert and have always been very shy so speaking or being in groups has been a challenge to me. It gets easier each time.

A younger you?
My sister Sam inspires me, especially when I see how she inspires others and how she helps those who need a bit of direction or clarity on issues.
anthem for business

At the river by Groove Armada- working for myself means I get to live where I want.

"why" For business
Flexibility. I simply love being able to live life in a way that allows me to take advantage of opportunities ( be they business conferences, friend meets or special travel deals) that the employed 9-5 Mon-Fri type job simply doen't allow.
other jobs

You name it.
Data Processing, Quality Control Inspector, Maitre D', Hotel Receptionist, Travel Agent, Digital Manager, some I don't recall at this stage.

Improve Life/ Work Balance for myself and others through inspiration.
I have a unique skillset that brings together my tourism, hospitality, gardening and eco skills with the digital world.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
I am passionate about Nature and the sustainability of the planet.
get into your industry
Show you love it by blogging or tweeting about it. Get in touch. Ask.
People can find you
When Harry Met Sally (shh)
song to tell your story
Whitney Houstons Greatest love Of All.
interesting facts

I am a twin 

I am a natural redhead 

I once modelled a rubber shirt at the Pod in Dublin (MANY moons ago)

1,000 euros!

A new polytunnel or a holiday to Naxos in Greece! The food there is incredible!!

unaccompanied concert

The Cure