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Samantha Kelly
The Story
Tweetinggoddess is a name I chose after I sold my first business 'Funky Goddess'. It does what it says on the tin!
Best advice given
You ARE good enough....Bill Liao
Business day
Eat a good breakfast
Mind yourself...
I get out for a walk with the dogs when I need to clear my head
Always tip the coal man, post man and your mechanic - My Dad
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
Starting the Women's Inspire network and achieving my dream of speaking at social media marketing world, Speaking on the same stage as Gary Vee and meeting Gary
Funniest moment
Under charging
Surround yourself with good people who have your back. Don't give too much information away and value what you do
A younger you?
Bill Liao, Ted Rubin, Oprah, Michelle Obama
anthem for business
Dancing Queen - Fun, sparkly and smiley
"why" For business
To have a better life where I am doing good but at the same time looking after my family and those close to me both personally and financially
other jobs
Receptionist, Shop assistant, Childminder, English Teacher in Hong Kong, Sales rep
To inspire someone who might be afraid to start a business or change their life. You CAN do this
I do what I say I will do.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
Ruhama Deafhear (my daughter is hearing impaired) and Diabetes (my daughter is diabetic type 1)
get into your industry
Learn as much as possible, share your knowledge, be kind, assist others
People can find you
Here and on but mostly on Twitter @Tweetinggoddess
Aliens 2 or Star Wars a new hope
song to tell your story
Don't give up - Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel
interesting facts

I was Miss Dundrum 1995 

I am a sea angler 

I can sing

1,000 euros!
Probably something for my daughters.
unaccompanied concert