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Sharon Creedon
The Story

I always had a passion to become self-employed and while on maternity leave I studied a level 8 Digital Marketing course because I saw the opportunity that digital platforms and social media offered businesses.  I felt a lot of businesses in my area were under utilizing these resources and so after some time of balancing family life, part-time work and the side hustle I took the leap and started my business Scéal Digital.  Scéal is the Irish word for story and story is key to all things social - my aim is to help small businesses tell their story online.  I work with business owners to manage their existing social media channels and teach them how to get them working to boost their business.

Best advice given

You won't win them all - so dust yourself off and keep going.

Business day

Start early and avoid distractions!

Mind yourself...

I have to remind myself to switch off from work - working from home and having three small kids, I often work late nights and with a constant string of queries to answer - it is really important to set time off.

Be yourself and believe in yourself.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

It may be cliché but I'm proud of my business every day, I have created a sustainable business that fits my family life and advances my career.

Funniest moment

Doing video calls with kids in the house - never ends well lol

Sure I'm only a young one...seriously though for me it would be to just have the confidence to go for it and have the confidence to say no when needed, not all clients will be the right fit.

A younger you?
My mother has always thought me the importance of being independent and that's something I would like to pass onto my kids.
anthem for business

That's a tough one -  have to think about it

"why" For business

I had never not worked so when I was looking at becoming a stay at home mum it was the perfect opportunity to use my digital marketing qualification and passion to set up my own business.

other jobs

I started working at the age of 15 and since then my jobs have centered in the areas of customer service and sale.  I had worked in the insurance industry for a number of years prior to starting Scéal Digital.


Go for it!

I have an always-on approach to my business and to my clients' businesses.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
get into your industry

Focus on spending time to get yourself out there to be spotted - costs you nothing but your time

People can find you
song to tell your story
interesting facts

1. I met a  Hollywood actor and told him he looked very familiar - did I know him!

2. I'm afraid of dogs.

3. I've got a degree in politics.

1,000 euros!

Save  some,

Some for FB ads,

Get a VA to do some of my admin!

unaccompanied concert