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Sharon Fitzmaurice
The Story
My name is my business and my brand. My work as a wellness coach gives me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and to give them the individual attention that they require and what meets their needs at that time.
Best advice given
Remember to pay yourself!
Business day
Get up early, stretch and tell yourself "this is going to be the best day"
Mind yourself...
As a wellness coach, I practise what I preach, so everyday I take time out for myself, go for a walk, play with my dogs and chat with a friend.
Remember to switch off your phone in the evenings.
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
My proudest moment in my business was publishing my book in December 2017 'Someone please help me, so I did' it is my story of overcoming adversity and learning to create a life in which I truly wanted to live in.
Funniest moment
Not knowing how to get onto a skype call for a client after setting it up a month before!
Put yourself forward and never shy away from an opportunity
A younger you?
The people that I have trained and are not leading groups and growing their own wellness practices
anthem for business
Something inside so strong!
"why" For business
My why for starting my business was a result of going through a very challenging time in my life and the tools that I learned to help me heal and recover were vital to my well being, I wanted to share with them with as many people as possible.
other jobs
I have done many jobs before starting my wellness practice. I was in sales, marketing, telecommunications and each of these roles taught me so much before going out on my own. Every experience has something to teach us.
My personal and professional mission is to help people focus on a holistic approach to their well being incorporating emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of their lives. This brings about positive change into all areas of their lives personal and professional
Saying it as it is!
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about
I am a big supporter of Galway Simon Community who are helping prevent homelessness in the West of Ireland, I started a sleep out in my back garden 5 years ago to raise awareness and vital funds to help them and 5 years on it is the biggest community fundraiser for them each year. It is in 5 locations and is held in October every year. We sleep out from 7pm to 7am no matter the weather and raise as much money as possible. Last year we raised over 30,000 euro.
get into your industry
The advice I would give to any young person seeking to explore a holistic practice is to learn by doing first, practice what you are going to be teaching about.
People can find you
I am based in Co. Galway but work all over Ireland, training, giving workshops and motivational talks
The green mile
song to tell your story
Bright bright sun shiny days
interesting facts
Intuitive, funny and adventurous
1,000 euros!
I would spend it on getting a new car
unaccompanied concert