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Sharon Hearty
The Story

Merakiology™ - Open minds by engaging hearts Merakiology™ is from the Greek word Meraki - when you do something with your whole heart and a good dose of soul, this is called your meraki. Merakiology™ is a unique approach to communicating from within - deepen your voice, transform how you ignite, inspire and impact the workplace/marketplace.

Best advice given

Always let the 'red mist' settle and never react always respond, you'll awaken the next day glad you did. I was taught this very early when I was engaged in customer facing service and on the low rungs of the corporate ladder. A switched on manager and friend with human sense reminded me to never leave my sense of fairness and humanness at home, to bring it with me to work each and every day and I'd do well. I've never looked back. Now I've a bank of creative solutions to drawn upon when I need to respond in the right way to the situations, conversations, engagements that are more challenging than others.

Business day

I try to begin each day in the contemplative way - a long lost art that enables us to look at the day and life with different eyes. To operate from a different stance where our heart is as open as our mind.

Mind yourself...

I've made my fair share of mistakes and some of them where the big ones but what I learned from them is to not take things so seriously and to mind my heart and the hearts of others. How we feel is how we live. If we mind that we'll be doing okay.

My Dad is a great one for advice. A farming man he matches his words with action - 'get up with the lark and you'll make it!' He was always an early bird milking cows from 6 in the morning and I guess that's where I get my passion for being an early riser. Although I take time to contemplate and write first thing and then move into the demands of the business day. I suppose my father walking the land at daylight was his way of contemplating the day ahead on the farm.

Best advice outside business
Proudest moment

The first time I was told I made a difference to someone else's business by just being me.

Funniest moment

I billed a client for 7 figures once - I never noticed the extra zeros when I signed it! We laugh about to this day particularly about the look on his secretary's face when she presented the invoice to him.

Don't sweat the small stuff, it's always going to be there. Also, learn to notice and trust your intuition it is your greatest asset - even greater than the mind.

A younger you?
My grandfather, who I only know through pictures and stories of him, he owned four businesses and that's over 80 years ago long before the word entrepreneur entered the vocabulary. I grew up learning from others about his legacy and who he was. If I could meet anyone it would be him.
anthem for business

Unchain my (your) heart by Joe Cocker. I believe that when we unlock the heart of who we are then we are free to soar in life and in our work/profession.

"why" For business

So I can just be me.

other jobs

Trained in hotel management when I started out. Life happened and I retrained and entered the glamorous world of advertising in London & Manchester working on leading global brands. Then moved into communications and specialised in leadership communications and personal branding.


To support individuals to powerfully communicate. Everything begins and ends with how we communicate, yet it can be our greatest challenge. It is my mission in business to help established and emerging entrepreneurs & business owners | leaders & executive to set their message on fire and be the difference they want to see in the world.

I see things with different eyes. I'm an inner fitness instructor for the professional & entrepreneur who is ready to impact by communicating from within.

Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about

Passionate about supporting young adult girls from disadvantaged areas at home and abroad to learn how to communicate with confidence about their ideas for their career and/or business.

get into your industry

Learn about emotional intelligence for your own personal growth. Don't dismiss it as airy fairy and hold firm when others slight it. Also, be aware of your own communication style and the impact you make both verbal and non-verbal. Love what you are doing and do what you love in your life.

People can find you

I've launched in Feb 2019, email and also on Twitter @heartytweeter

Cat lover
Too many to mention!
song to tell your story
Wind Beneath my Wings by Bette Midler
interesting facts

I love ABBA and the B Gees. Don't hold this against me, lol.

I write poetry.

I follow the contemplative way.

1,000 euros!

To go to the Centre for Action and Contemplation in the States - one of the only places that teaches the contemplative way.

unaccompanied concert

Chris Rea at the Kings Hall in Belfast