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Sharon Thompson
The Story is my online writing group. I am asked a lot – ‘How did you get published? What do I need to do to get my book on a shelf and make it a best-seller?’ There are no easy answers. A quick conversation or a cuppa, will not tell you all there is to know. There is a lot of hard work and dedication involved. With this in mind, I have founded
Best advice given
Don't give up.
Business day
Good night's sleep.
Mind yourself...
I read books.
Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.
Best advice outside business
Proudest moment
25th January 2018 was the day my debut novel 'The Abandoned' was launched into the world.
Funniest moment
Believing that books make money.
Don't be afraid of making mistakes.
A younger you?
Carmel Harrington. Harper Collins Author
anthem for business
Nothing Else Matters. Metallica.
"why" For business
Other writers helped me. I want to do the same.
other jobs
Principal primary school teacher.
To be brave, kind and true.
Unique selling point
causes or projects
passionate about Also rare disease awareness and the need for patient advocacy.

get into your industry
Keep writing and submitting. It will happen.
People can find you 





song to tell your story
The Rose by Bette Midler.
interesting facts
Flip it I can't think of any! That's friggin' awful!
1,000 euros!
Shoes. But, lots of them.
unaccompanied concert
Michael Buble.